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Hi all ,has anyone any knowledge on garden shredders,iv looked on the net and it seems people seem to disagree on which one for branches and which one for greener waste,they seem to clog up apparently,anyway i need one for normal garden composting ,ie: current bush pruning s and i suppose the heaviest would be the Hydrangea trimmings,i wish to shred everything then compost it ASAP.any ideas please Alan4711

I have an Alko shredder which is noisy, but pretty reliable for branches and bits.  It can clog if the stuffs too wet.When the blades broke,( I lent it to a neighbour!!!) I bought a Bosch quiet shredder, which has a rotary screw type blade which cuts woody twigs into chunks. Its very good for prunings and straight things like brambles. However its useless for softer stuff and bits so I managed to get new blades and a new hopper top for the Alko.

I might need a bigger garage for all the equipment.


...I love shredders for some strange reason... I've had both Alko and Bosch and preferred Alko although both suffered jamming... I think it's an occupational hazard with all of them.... 

the Alko lasted longer... the Bosch seemed a bit flimsy... and troublesome...

I used to put my shreddings straight back onto the soil... I had no need for composting as such... the air and rain did all that... it made a lovely mulch and I miss having one very much...


I hope the neighbour offered to pay for them fidget!

We had  one at last house Alan - it was a fairly cheap one from DIY centre- about £100. It was very slow- most stuff was no thicker than about 2cm diameter- and we'd have been there all day with the amount of stuff we had  to chop up so we didn't really use it much. It did clog a bit with soft stuff too so we just hand chopped that and put it on compost heap. Think we'd have needed a heavier duty one like fidget mentions. 

We burned most of the prunings and branches and used the ash instead!


Hi Alan, I also have an Alko which works well.  They all occasionally block with too much wet stuff but find that mixing about 20% wet/green stuff with 80% dry stuff or branches during shredding keeps it clear.  That's also the ideal ratio for making compost as it happens.

Fidgetbones - tell me about it.  I have a garage with no room for a car now, a shed and I still don't have enough room for everything - next project is building a small wooden storage thing to keep my cement mixer and shredder in.. 



Yeah right. I had to ask for it back,and as soon as I switched it on it was obvious something was wrong. He totally denied there was a problem when he had it. How you can lose half of one of those blades and not notice it I don't know. Ithink they were trying to put bits of 2 by 4 through it.

I'm a lot less likely to lend equipment out now.


...never lend anything to neighbours.... well, milk and sugar maybe...


......  yes, but would you want it back when they had finsihed with it Salino? 

Never owned a shredder, have been tempted on many occasions, but the noise puts me off as much as anything else. 


Its very noisy, but the only way to get rid of a lot of prunings. Mixed with grass they rot into compost in a year. I am currently filling 2 brown bins a fortnight with weeds that I won't compost. I have one big bonfire a year. The neighbours get stroppy if I have more.


Wish we could have a bonfire, the bylaws are very firm about that - wonder if I could get away with one of those dustbin tye incinerators - probably not.  Indeed, so much stuff coming out that you would not want to put back on the garden, composted or not - that's I why won't buy council compost, I'm not convinced they get it hot enough either. 

Billy Goat

I own an Allen Mighty Mac petrol shredder and its an absolute brute!!  If you have alot of pruning and leaves this is machine for you.  There is also a chipper which eats branches up to 1 1/4" easily.  The chute drops down and you can rake your leaves or trimming straight in and there is the option of a bag to collect.  They are expensive new, but you can find them on Ebay/Gumtree etc and use Anyvan or Uship to get it delivered to your door for not much more than a new electric Bosch or Ryobi.

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