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I was wondering whether putting a fleece on the ground as well as / instead of an organic mulch gives increased protection for slightly tender plants? What about a cloche?  Am thinking of a slightly tender pennstemon grass and some dahlias.  (The dahlias surprisingly made it through last winter without any help so thinking of leaving them again this year.)

Supernoodle, which pennisetum grass?  Some are tough.  Some are not.  You need to be a little careful with a cloche over winter.  Not great if winter is mild.....try to avoid encouraging growth in winter.  


Ah, so that's why cloches  can't be used.  You worked out what I meant by the grass then!   Always mix those two up!  It's pennisetum fireworks.  Impulse purchase not realising that it's on the tender side.  Given my dahlias survived Im considering putting it in the ground.  i have a greenhouse so could overwinter in a pot, but I'm not great at looking after pots.

Fireworks is tender supernoodle.   Veey,,very difficult to keep over winter.  Even down here I fail in most years.  A minimum of 4 degrees and to keep them growing if I recall correctly.  Best regarded as annuals really 

Again,,dahlias are pretty reliable in the ground except in the coldest or wettest places.


Oh, that's a shame.  I looked it up and it said that roots survive down to around minus 5 to minus 7 (although lose the leaves as you say) so I thought I might have a chance.

Wouldnt have spent that much on a annual!



Ps still interested in whether lying fleece on the ground helps?

Supernoodle, just have a go.  It's not just temperature. not an annual  tender perennial and best treated as an annual. As I said I have overwintered but whenever I have growth is so slow and late.

fleece on the ground?  When its wet it can make things worse during icy weather.  upturned pots and fleece stretched over keep fleece above foliage is effective


Cheers Verd.  i won't put fleece on the ground, then.  Will stop trying to reinvent the wheel and use traditional mulch!  I'm lucky as I have a large copper beech that gives me a good supply of the seed shells for mulch instead  of bark.  And a good supply of leaf mold.  

Fireworks is going in the greenhouse.  At least it'll have a chance.  Will have to pull my finger out re looking after pots!

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