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Just a timely reminder-and this is grandmother and sucking eggs territory- it might look pretty, but the weight of frozen snow on a greenhouse has been known to crack glass-worth spending a few minutes brushing as much off as possible

Done mine

Bunny ...
Haven't enough to brush off here ...

A useful reminder.
Thanks, Gran

darren the gardener

done mine 3 times in last 24 hours lucky for me its stoped snowing now



I leave it on, acts as good insulation.


Gary Hobson
Berghill wrote (see)

I leave it on, acts as good insulation.

So do I..


Was wondering if I should. Thanks. Will do it after my bacon sandwich


I leave it on but if I had a less substantial greenhouse and a foot of snow I might have a rethink.


Suppose the answerwas a bit terse, agree with Nutculet. My greenhouses are very strong and there is only a couple of inches of snow on the glass. I have knocked it off the Fruit cage netting and the Shade House which is netting and the Shade garden where the netting is getting a bit old and rather brittle.

Did shovel a lot of snow onto the beds in the Alpine house, save me having to water in there. Melts nice and slowly and gives the plants highly oxygenated water which is good for them.

Did mine earlier as several inches and polycarbonate greenhouse, hopefully won't have any more snow in S. Wales this weekend

Was just thinking i should go and clear it off. Thanks for the reminder


Saved me the job, it all slid off this morning. Mind it is snowing now so more will appear.


Been out sowing newly delivered hardies today. 14 packets needing the chilling effect. It was a bit dark in there with the snow on the roof.

mine has just slid off..but its snowing all the way in will be roof is old and polycarbon!!


flowering rose

cant get to it because of the thick ice on the path and steps,


Island gardener

A couple of years ago when we had a lot of snow I discovered a very pleasing side effect.  My polytunnel really did need a clean, it was quite green.  The snow was quite thick and I used a broom to brush it off and guess what all the green algae came off with the snow.  All around on the ground was green snow.  Haven't had any snow settle this year in our part of the Isle of Man, so polytunnel is still green.  Looks like an extra job later on.  June

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