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Hi all, I have been looking at soaker hoses, there seems to be the sort of porous ones and the more rigid ones with holes in. Has anyone tried these, any good, recommend them? Do they soak a decent area or do you just get a line of wet earth where the hose lies?

I have quite deep flower so cant reach over with the watering can to get to everything and now things are fully grown I cant step inbetween the plants either, so its the normal hose every cople of days but lots of that water must just evaporate in the sun when its on the leaves. I need something that I can snake around the beds to get water to the ground.

Any advice is helpful.



I've been thinking about this too - The Shady Bank is getting quite dry now - I'd be interested in other people's views and experiences. 

Yes I use both types.....the soaker which you lay down and allow water to seep down....good for runner beans etc. where you want water to gently soak into the roots.  Also a sprinkler hose.  This, usually more expensive, waters an area like lawns, flower beds etc.  you can use these as soaker hoses too by turning upside down so that the water drips onto the ground.  Soaker hoses are good for dry areas where you want slow trickles of water to seep gradually Imto an area over a lengthy time....maybe hour or several hours.  Very effective.  Keeps foliage dry but soaks the ground


Hi Verdun   I'm thinking about getting a length of soaker hose for The Shady Bank - about 4ft from front to back with a fall of about 18" back to front - sandy loam.  Do you think putting a length of soaker hose along the back (where the roots of the climbing roses, honeysuckles and clematis are) will serve the whole bed? 

Thanks for the reply - sounds like a sprinkler hose would be better for deep flowerbeds



Dove.  Yes I think it would be just  fine.  However, try it at top for few hours and see if it soaks to the lower level.  If not I would use it at top,  middle and bottom.  It seems to soak an area about 40 to 50 cm wide.   You dont need to permanently leave it in one place.  My soil is sandy loam too incidentally


Verdun, the thing is the bank is so densely planted, that I'll have to put it in place in the spring and leave it there - couldn't possibly move it, weaving it in, out and under all the herbaceous perennials  

What I'd like is something that will fit over the down pipe from my bathroom/kitchen so that I can use a soaker hose to put grey water on my flower beds. 

In Australia you can buy a very cheap gadget that does this. I brought one back but couldn't get it to fit over mine . I've been looking and asking for some years now but to no avail.

A project for Dragons Den perhaps? We waste so much water.

bohemian lady

Hi all, I'm looking for some help on this subject please.


I think for us (we're caravaners so away a couple of weeks at a time, rely on neighbours to turn the  tap on ). I wondered if the 'soft curly wurly type would be any use. Also, our garden tap is around 30 metres from our raised bed full of veg, nearly, which is approx. 3 x 5 metres.


Any ideas? Also, How long should I get it so that it's easier (I think!) to unravel and ravel lol.


Grateful for any suggestions




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