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Anyone have a list of plants that can be succesfully sown using toilet rolls/kitchen rolls?


A list??-beans,peas --you can sow anything-lots use it for sweet peas-but they do tend to fall apart as they get soggier

The idea is to plant the whole thing out so it breaks down in the soil without disturbing the roots.

Bunny ...

I only use for sweet peas as couldnt be bothered with doing everything that way


OK thanks for that! So only members of the Fabacea family then!

Bunny ...

You can pretty much grow anything i should think , i just find them fiddly for potting on later. Sweet peas, beans can go straight into ground, pot etc.



I have planted some sweet peas in toilet rolls (aswell as normal pots) will see how they go.

chilli lover

I do runner beans and broad beans


They are great for seeds that respond well to root-trainer pots, and lots cheaper too, mind they do go dodgey after a bit!

I have used them for beans and sweet peas and have found them to be great . This year I am going to use them for peas and broad beans . I have a friend that also use them to start garlic off and it works really well

Apart from sowing the usual - sweet pea, beans and pea's I'm going to sink some leggy sunflowers in them.

About 12 rolls fit into the small seed trays and although the rolls go soggy they don't flop over if packeted in snuggly.

I've found they don't rot down very quickly in the ground, so discard the roll when planting out.

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