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Evening guys. Just bought a sprinkler for £10 at Aldi and what a buy! I came across it purely by accident and I'm throughouly impressed with it. It has many different speeds and settings and at the moment whilst repairing some major lawn patches it's a god send. 

evening anthony. sounds a good buy

i had to replace my sprinkler hose recently.  its good but price has rocketed since last time i bought it

Defo worth it Verdun. Good luck with the sprinkler hunt!


Verdun - what sort did you get?  I am fed up with having to replace my hozelock one every year - out on the hunt for another tomorrow, so all recommendations most welcome !


 the hozelock (yellow one) hose that I bought 20 years ago has just started splitting and I replaced it with a new 15 yr guarantee  hozelock from Tesco using clubcard vouchers on the current double up promotion.

It's not kept in store but I did it online and picked it up from the store next day.

Leaky hosepipe for around the veg I get from Lidl. Apparently they had a lot brought back because people were trying to use them for washing cars etc.One woman flooded her kitchen, trailing the hose through the house from the kitchen tap


 lol  , clearly people weren't reading the label fidgetbones.

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