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I've just had some seeds delivered in one of those very small sealed plastic bags. Is it ok to leave them there or should I transfer them to a paper bag?   


I had some earlier in the year from Premier Seeds just sowed what I wanted and resealed it-that was 6 months ago and just had a look- the seeds are still loose -nothing has rotted-so I would leave them in the plastic bags


I've only recently started to seed sow and I always wondered whether I should leave them in the plastic bags, I always thought they should be in paper bags. Thanks for that, I will leave them where they are


i was told seeds are best stored cold and dry.

i keep mine in a plastic box with some of those little desiccant packets that come in packages with electrical  goods, cameras etc in the bottom of the fridge

Lawnmower Chris

B & Q were selling off a seed box(about 6"x5"x4") recently for about £3, so I snapped it up. Although it didn't have any dividers it serves it's purpose & again, I keep mine in the garage fridge.

If I haven't got brown paper bags, I've used the prepaid envelopes companies send me with correspondence. Haven't had any problems with seed sowing as a result.

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