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This might seem like a silly question, but where can I buy straw from?! I'd like some to mulch around my strawberries and squashes but I can't seem to find any in garden centres. Thanks!

Chrissy the gardener

I buy my straw from a animals feed supplier, I'm lucky Its just up the road I can buy half a bale then I share it with friends. Its a lot cheaper than getting it from a pet shop or garden centre.


If you can't find any from an animal feed supplier, try Petsathome or Petsrus or whatever they're called - it'll be an expensive way to buy it, but ............ 

You could try a local stables, but many of them use shredded paper and other things for bedding nowadays, and most farms tend to use the Big Bales, which would be totally impractical.



I got mine from pets at home


We bought ours from our greengrocer.  Ask, he may know someone.  Also look at the small ads in your local paper.  Or look in Yellow Pages.


£2.50 a bale from the local farmer.

Use any excess mixed with grass cuttings to make compost.


I got mine from a farm up the road but didn't even know he supplied it, but found it by looking up straw suppliers in my area on the internet and bingo.

Not sure if its essential, i have always mulched mine, but due to health problems, i missed quite a lot of gardening this year, my strawbs look as healthy as ever and dont seem dirty, however they are in a raised bed. Just saying, dont worry if you cant get any

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