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Hi I hope someone can advise

I have a garden with lawn interspersed with flower beds and paths. The total lawn area is probably 80-100m2.

I initially bought a strimmer to try to get it back to turf, and although that worked OK the strimmer was a nightmare, the line kept breaking and not "auto" extending like it should have, so it took hours. I don't need a perfect lawn, just something under control.

The lawn itself is full of protruding what I believe are saplings from a plum tree as it has been wholly uncared for during the last few years. So not smooth at all. Also, it's a steeply sloping garden, on several levels. And the levels aren't level if that makes sense.

I am tempted to go for a strimmer with plastic blades as I won't use the one with line any more. My alternative is a hover mower with metal blades. Any ideas which to go for, and if so any models that would suit me?

many thanks!

From the description-a cylinder powered mower is not an option

You might get away with a rotary-but honestly a hover one is your best option-from a safety point of view- mow down a slope not up it

Go for the the biggest one you can handle


For me it would be the rotary mower. Never really got the hang of a strimmer.

The top of my garden is quite flat but it drops away very sharply. I have a hover mower as it was the only solution that I could find and works well. Be aware that some of these can still be quite heavy so check the weight on the specifications.

Thanks all, will look at hovers


Woodgreen wonderboy

Petrol Hover is best for you. You have control without encumbrance of cord.

With my amount of lawn, I can't justify the £400+ for petrol as opposed to £60 for an electric...

I have a funny garden with sloping sections and odd shaped flowerbeds and I recently bought a Bosch Rotak which is brilliant. I wrote a full review of it here -


I have a steep bank about 30 x 5 metres and we found a petrol, easy starting, rotary, mulching mower is much the easiest. It has a Honda engine, but it's not a Honda make so it was cheaper.

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