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Hi, I've just received some Salvia 'Blue Note' and an Agastache 'Blue Fortune' from an online nursery. Any tips for nursing them through the frosts, without a greenhouse? I do have a clear plastic box I could use as a mini coldframe.

I think that could work wildB, especially if you use some Horticultural fleece as well and put the box up against the house wall. if a severe frost is predicted you could soon throw an old blanket over it.


Both plants are quite tender and a server frost would blunt of kill thier growth. Water them well and try and place them in a moderately warm place indoors untill the beginning of spring or when the weather and soil begin to warm up 


Blue Fortune is hardy down to -20 and -15 according to RHS. I think wet is more than likely going to be the cause of it's demise, use plenty of grit when potting up

Hi Mark 

They have Salvia Blue Note thats only half hardy hence frost protection required so best to keep them warmish until severe frosts have diminished 



I have never had a greenhouse. The issue is their size and the pot barely protects them. Ironically, they would be better off in the ground, but generally, the sages are not great in the ground at that size. Place them into a larger pot (if you have any), old used plastic ones are great. Place some pebbles or sand at the base of the pots. Keep it opened up during the day time and cover fleece or similar at night if it's forecast for frost. Keep them tucked up against a wall and they should be fine.

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Could you consider a small plastic greenhouse somewhere light and cool indoors? I bought a four tier one in home bargains today for £12.99 and set it up in my tiny back porch. Compared to other rubbish ones I have bought in the past this is sturdy and even I managed to put it up in 5 minutes. It is so compact I am thinking of squeezing in another one.


I'll keep them in the clear box by the back door and air them out when we have mild weather. (Little bit concerned about mildew etc).

I do have some Salvia Blue Note unprotected and still in pots from delivery last September, and they're actually still in leaf; but they've had chance to acclimatise gradually.

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