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HI everyone,

My name's Charlie and I live in Shropshire in a small village. My village is mostly filled with old people (we seem to like the rural life) and a few young people who care for us. But as I got older I have had problems maintaining my "expert" garden as I have struggle lifting and moving things. This was a problem as I struggled to pull out vegetables and care for them. Then one day one of the carers recommended something that she used, and she's only 24, to me. The one thing was with my retirement checks I couldn't afford such luxuries as it cost nearly £50. I searched around and couldn't find a cheap one until I looked on Amazon for a 50ft xhose and it only cost £32.99. I hope people can recommend other things that I can use to help me.

Advertising methinks folks


Yup and based in the good ol US of A, It`s a cheque in Blighty, not check  


Pardon me? I am sorry but I believe you must be baffled as I can assure you I am not a marketer. I have an allotment in Tonbridge which I share with my local community.


and by the way I am from England (the garden of England; kent)



But you said you lived in shropshire in a small village.

Funny how many X hose adverts keep cropping up.

So lets see Fred George and Charlie all recommend the same product

Charlie thinks Tonbridge is in Shropshire-where is has an allotment-Fred is In Tonbridge and so is Charlie-apparently

All this is a load of old manure-now you have been rumbled-I claim my free hose


...try Pantyhose, it's much cheaper...

these cheapskates as my mum used to call them must really think us gardeners are stupid or something,not the hardest cheap move to spot was it, XHOSE is it really out there.

yes it is really out there - look on youtube and they're on British tv


Alan - the truth is out there....and I just spotted Mulder and Scully ....

Well, all this just means none of us wil buy the product so it's all back fired a little hasn't it?   Lol

Wish an x-brake was only 34.99 from Amazon.  Had one of those on my wish list for the landy for a long time now. (Not any relation whatsoever to the x-hose).


At least it wasn't a kitchen just a gimmicky product, can't imagine there are many gardeners who havent got a hose already. Wonder how many have theres on the reel and how many keep it laid out ready to go.

Think the x-hose  probably wouldn't be very good for plants as it relies on water pressure and the last thing you want to do is jet wash your plants. 

hose isn't very good for feeding either although it does bring the tap closer to the watering can



my mate allotmenteer has his hose round a car wheel ( no tire of course) fixed to the side of his shed with climbers all around it,iv got to admit it looks really funky it and works well,

Alan, brill idea. My hose lies on the ground in a heap all summer then goes on the reel for winter.

i know im late but.....

retirement checks really!!! cheque and we say pension

shropshire but from Kent?? 

x hose is all well and good but i had something much better a few years back 

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