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I am starting a new veg plot and I have heard conflicting advice. I want to kill off a section of lawn and start a new veg plot but do I cover with poly weaken the grass and dig over or do I cover with poly mulch heavily over the top. any thoughts. I am planning on sowing next year but I am interested in what others have done.

What I did was lift the lawn as if lifting turf, and stack it upside down to decompose.  When rotted down it can be sifted and with the addition of some well-rotted compost and a little grit it makes a good potting medium.

I would then double-dig the plot this autumn, digging in some well rotted farmyard manure and leave the winter frosts to do their work - you should have a good workable plot next spring.

Yes, similar to dove. However, I trench my turves into the ground, upside down and about 9" deep.  Done now it will be fine come the spring.  It helps hold moisture for next year's veg.  You could put it in the runner bean trench .....

I am with Verdun, I have used that technique in the past and it worked a treat.

One other technique if you are interested. Having moved house I was faced with a large area of grass/weeds which had once been cultivated but had long since returned to it's natural state. The winter was so wet I could not dig, so come the spring I laid out chitted potatoes in double rows and then turned a row of turf either side to cover the potato and the grass they were sitting on. The whole lot then got a layer of grass cuttings as a mulch.

I have to say it has worked a treat. I was not expecting much of a harvest from the spuds as there was no added compost or manure. However I'm getting a pretty respectable harvest of potatoes and the ground has started to break up with the growth of the potatoes. Once I have harvested I intend on planting a green manure over winter & next year the plot will be ready for planting a range of veg.

Which ever method you decide on.....good luck.

Thanks for the great advice, I will have fun trying a new veg plot anyway


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