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I use them for tomatoes and it does make them easier to water and feed and they do grow a bigger root ball.  Grew some in gro bags and some in big pots (without Gro rings) this year and the gro bag and ring plants were much better.  Same principle as bottomless pots though so can be done cheaper.


I also use bottomless pots and plastic bottles with screw in nozzles (Wilkinsons) to drip in water and feed.Much cheaper.


I have grown very successfully this summer in my greenhouse both toms, cucumbers (so far from 3 plants over 35 cucumbers) and several peppers. 

Where every plant was dug in, I also planted next to it, a 3 to 4 inch pot depth so the rim is just above soil level, and water into these. This allows water to penetrate down immediately, where the roots need it, and encourages deep root growth. 

Have even done this now for many years with success.


I got a load of these for peanuts at the 'end of season sale'.

Looks like a good idea, BUT 2 of them have already got clogged up with muck, so if you fill the outer tray with water, it just sits there and doesn't soak into the grobag like it's supposed to.

I guess I'll have to wait for the seasons end to see if they produce results.

I've tried everything in the past - planting direct into the greenhouse soil, classic ring culture with or without grobags. I've found it doesn't really make any difference which method I use, it's more dependent on the weather (even inside a greenhouse)

Singing Gardener

I have two different makes of these and one of them does seem to clog up really easily so I don't use them any more. I don't think they make much difference to the quality of the tomatoes but they do make watering easy.


Hi Singing Gardener, I have 6 growpots by Garden Innovations. Is this one of the makes you've used and if so does it clog up? Thanks!

Singing Gardener

To be honest, I'm not sure. The Garden Innovations ones look like the ones that don't clog up but they say they have the "latest watering spike technology" so they might have been updated since I bought them. The ones I have which clogged up are described as Plant Halos (google this and you'll find them) and have cane support holes.

 thanks for the quick reply! Planting Tomatoes cucumbers and chillies in my greenhouse now - by headtorch!! Really late in every sense 😅😅

I bought some from Garden Universal here and they have worked really well for me. I agree they can just be grown in bags which I have done before, but the water channel is helpful and it keeps them neat and tidy. My one gripe is a lack of holes at the side to insert sticks to hold the plant up as it gets bigger, but the firm said they are creating a new one for 2018 which include this. For now, I have modified the ones I have to allow for supports. Thumbs up from me though. 

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