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I use them for tomatoes and it does make them easier to water and feed and they do grow a bigger root ball.  Grew some in gro bags and some in big pots (without Gro rings) this year and the gro bag and ring plants were much better.  Same principle as bottomless pots though so can be done cheaper.


I also use bottomless pots and plastic bottles with screw in nozzles (Wilkinsons) to drip in water and feed.Much cheaper.


I have grown very successfully this summer in my greenhouse both toms, cucumbers (so far from 3 plants over 35 cucumbers) and several peppers. 

Where every plant was dug in, I also planted next to it, a 3 to 4 inch pot depth so the rim is just above soil level, and water into these. This allows water to penetrate down immediately, where the roots need it, and encourages deep root growth. 

Have even done this now for many years with success.


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