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I am waiting to hear about these, I have never tried them


I just wonder why good they can be if they are clearing them out?

Have thought about getting these but still wondering. It looks like the tomatoes would have a bigger root ball which hopefully would stop the dammed things falling over. maybe i will give them a go and then one of us will know for sure

I use them for growing my cucumbers - we got ours as part of a competition prize so didn't actually buy them. I think they are useful for cues as it is easy to keep water away from the stem
I use flower buckets with the bottom cut out for my tomatoes and think this is just as good
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They are very expensive. We were given some many years ago and still use them. Cleaning afterwards is not problem, we just soak them in a bucket with dilute Jeye's Fluid.

But why pay all that money? The rest of our toms are grown in bottomless plant pots on Growing bags.

Don't they have a double ring that you put plant food or water in so plants take it in slowly.

I think they are on the expensive side and Q why they are being sold off but can see the benefit of using them when growing cucumbers as cues don't like their stems being wet.

I use bottomless pots in the GH for those plants in the bed or in grow bags, ( flower buckets with the bottoms cut out) and water the bed... mainly...only watering the pot if it looks dry or I'm gonna be away for the weekend.

Me thinks it's an expensive gimmick for the lazy gardener who wants to water less frequently... and the downside of this... you go into the GH less frequently and miss pests which can take a hold very quickly..

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We have them and have used them for tomatoes grown outdoors only, not in the greenhouse. They do facilitate watering and feeding and the plants have indeed had substantial root balls. Not a fat lot of good however since the tomatoes invariably get blighted outdoors. Not gong to strongly recommend them cos there are indeed cheaper alternatives!

Meant to say I use flower buckets with the bottoms cut out on top of grobags!
Pam LL x

Do not see the point as for years growing Tomato's in grow bags I used some throw away plastic pots with the bottom cut off.
It does work, the pots were nine inch ones set onto and just into the grow bag soil, put some compost into the pot and plant your tomato. As the plant grows slowly top up the pot with good compost and water the grow-bag. I stopped doing that when grow bags became more rubbish dump than good compost and now use the same 12 inch pots cleaned and planted up each year leaving plenty of room to top up with good compost as the plant grows. The pots sit on a gravel bed kept watered and the pot is watered lightly with feed keeping it just damp, over watering kills more plants than it helps. Do not crock the bottom of pots on a gravel bed and I open up the holes in the base a bit to let the Tomato plant tap roots find the water in the gravel.


Frank. I did the same last year with chillies, peppers and aubergines...sat them on gravel in bottomless pots.

Aldi are selling grow bag trays for £4.99 and Wilkinson have the large square trays, for about the same price, both ideal for sitting pots in and using as gravel trays. You find you water less, the compost only takes up what water it needs and less compost is used. You can also go away for a long weekend and not worry about the pots drying out.

I sit the gravel on capillary matting.

I have some! I have 6 and use them in grow bags for my toms in the greenhouse. I like them, have had them a couple of years. I'm pleased with them, make it easy to water and feed. I got mine from the Harrogate Flower show if I remember right.
I may check out the offer and get some for my cucumbers for which I usually use a bottomless pot.
They aren't as cheap as the flower buckets with bottom cut out but they are sturdy and I am confident the will last for years.
Had a quick look at the offer. I'm sure mine were only ??12 at the most when I got them. I don't think they were as much as they are now.



Thanks. Mixed opinions then I see. I reckon I'll give them a miss and continue with the bottomless pots & growbag routine.


Last year I had some larger black ones like the above green ones- I found it was hard to fit the recommended 3 in a grow bag. I also bought the pots that do not have a bottom, and based on a article in GW magazine I bought some cheap flower pots and cut the bottom out. 

You can guess what is next, the best results were from the cheap pot with the bottom removed. I found the troughs in the black ones were ok but the water did not drizzle in and as I said were awkward  as they were so big.and the crop was not brilliant. Witht he pots without bottoms I could build up the compost really high as the pants grew and they were far more stable.

So this year it's the cheaper option


Found these as a cheaper option


Can these growpots be used to grow chilli peppers