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Just bought myself a kneeling pad.  £1.99 from GC - £9.99 in Homebase!!!  Couldn't quite bring myself to get the one with support bars on the side.  I'll give it a year.


Isn't it funny how age makes you think "Hmmm, comfy", rather than, "Wouldn't be seen dead in that!".  Must be getting old, although I only feel old when I am holding the hand of my better 'alf! .


support bars on the side- very useful for getting back up again instead of crawling round on all fours.


FB, how true, how true!

Hmmm, the more I think of it....sounds like a wise choice! 

Any recommendations? 


I call Hubby to haul me up again!



My OH, keeps threatening to buy me one of the 'handles on the sides' type, I threaten to wrap it around his neck!!!    I do use a padded kneeler though - saves my knees a bit.

 a kneeling pad certainly saves getting your knee's dirty and I like the look of the one's with supports, could you get one that looks and acts as a seat when turned the other way, no one would know what it was for then...just thinking ahead for when I'm 27 .   


That's the sort. Only the other way up, it splayed under t he weight

can anyone explain which tool I need to put a hole in the water butt to have a connecting hose to another one,strange they dont provede a screw in facility,its not always the men that have to tackle this stuff and instructions would be good!

Yes, you will need an electric drill and the special hole cutter attachemnts. They look like cookie cutters and come in a multi pack of different sizes.

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