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Trunk is approx 34cm with just 3 branches from it with an overall height of 158cm, a total of 16 large buds but very leggy, what should I do once it has finished flowering so it grows branches further down the trunk ?  I really don't want to lose it as it is such a glorious sight in flower.

Thank you Paul, if it survives the wind in this area I'll be taking their advice once all the blooms have gone.

The email link as answered my question posted yesterday as to advice as to why my peony tree hasn't flowered. I think I may be being too impatient as it hasn't warmed up yet and the new plant was only planted last April. Thanks Paul

Thank you, Paul N, that link has answered my questions too.   I planted a tree peony in the Spring of 2010, and am hoping it will soon start to flower.


Paul N

Mine is 8ft tall and covered with almost black flower buds. I will prune it this year as it's getting a bit gangly.

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