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Just had a pop-up on my screen saying 'Win a cutting edge lawnmower'.


I'd love a lawn mower that trimmed down the borders of the lawn too.


(I've been getting pop ups for a ride on mower - a bit excessive for our needs!)


I used to look after a garden where they had a " spin trim lawn edger". I've just googled it and saw one sold on ebay recently for £5. It was about the size of child's shoebox, charged up and then walked round the edges via a long handle. Worked a treat.


I do the edges of the back garden and also my allotment with long handled edging shears.  I love doing it as it is the icing on the cake and makes all the boring grass cutting worth while. 


I rotate the strimmer 90 degrees and that produces a clean edge. 



Unless you enjoy doing it, like Forester2  Edds' idea works beautifully

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