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Hi there. I have inherited a lovely wisteria at the front of our house and currently it is being trained up and around the windows, although the last people who lived here have basically stuck it behind the wiring going up the wall, which obviously can't last! The wall is pebbledashed so can I use vine eyes and wire or will it create cracks? Any other suggestions on how to train it, including what types of support work best? Many thanks!
Alina W

You can, but you need to be careful in two ways:

1) drill a guide hole for the vine eyes

2) make sure that they are long enough to lodge firmly in the brick behind the pebbledash

Hi.  as well as the above, I also fill the holes with 'Hard as nails' or something like that before pushing in the rawlplug, so that it splurges out then wipe off the xs.  I do this to make sure that no wet can get behind the pebbledash to cause problems later.  Also I have painted my wires and vine eyes the same colour as the pebbledash.

Jeremy from

Thanks so much to both of you, that's really helpful!

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