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Thanks Netherfield,

I'll follow up those links for the future.

A bit academic now as I've committed to a machine just for this season which is cheap (less than £40 inc Vat and free delivery) which has had good reviews. I'll let this thread know how I get on with it after using it for a bit


Interesting! Just now tried to post using the 'less than' sign (Like a V on its side)

it seems this post window can't take it.


I was bought a pair of folding secateurs a few years ago, and they are the handiest thing. The blades fold inside, and it also has a penknife blade, a 'v' shaped thingy for getting weeds and other obects out of nooks and crannies, a serated tooth blade  AND a corkscrew!! To look at the size of it you wouldn't believe all that was inside. Alas, I recently overstretched its cutting capabilities on a rather large branch and snapped one of the blades on the secateur. My own fault, I was too idle to go and get the loppers. But can I find a replacement? No chance. Despite searching every stall at Southport Flower Show , no-one had seen anything like them. If any-one knows where I can get a replacement, I'd be grateful.

Birdy ref,,08,08,13 spear and jackson ??30 on sale brilliant

Yes, I got one a few years ago. Take it on walks with me and sort out overgrown public footpaths, much to the landowners' annoyance no doubt. I get so carried away, it does slow the others down having to wait for me.

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