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Son-in-law bought one of these


Works very well,but he only has 20 feet of privet to trim, can't say how it would cope with Laurel,Beech or Hornbeam.

With your budget in mind I personally would go for something like this though, can't really beat stihl for quality

I would not even consider trying to repair your old machine, if you can still get the parts it will cost more than the machine did when you bought it, sad I know, but we live in a throwaway world now.



my most treasured garden tool are my straight secateurs given to me by my father this year,they are so sharp and neat.

worst tool = I  wasted £1 at Poundland on one of the crappiest pair of secateurs known to man!!!!(they didnt cut and then had the cheek to fall apart!) should have known better for that price


Thanks Netherfield,

I'll follow up those links for the future.

A bit academic now as I've committed to a machine just for this season which is cheap (less than £40 inc Vat and free delivery) which has had good reviews. I'll let this thread know how I get on with it after using it for a bit


Interesting! Just now tried to post using the 'less than' sign (Like a V on its side)

it seems this post window can't take it.


I was bought a pair of folding secateurs a few years ago, and they are the handiest thing. The blades fold inside, and it also has a penknife blade, a 'v' shaped thingy for getting weeds and other obects out of nooks and crannies, a serated tooth blade  AND a corkscrew!! To look at the size of it you wouldn't believe all that was inside. Alas, I recently overstretched its cutting capabilities on a rather large branch and snapped one of the blades on the secateur. My own fault, I was too idle to go and get the loppers. But can I find a replacement? No chance. Despite searching every stall at Southport Flower Show , no-one had seen anything like them. If any-one knows where I can get a replacement, I'd be grateful.


Birdy ref,,08,08,13 spear and jackson ??30 on sale brilliant

Yes, I got one a few years ago. Take it on walks with me and sort out overgrown public footpaths, much to the landowners' annoyance no doubt. I get so carried away, it does slow the others down having to wait for me.

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