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I have a rose bush which is growing up a fence/trellis which is currently flowering small pink flowers.  Is it totally out of control and is shortly going to pull the fence down!

When can I prune it?

I did have a go last year and some of the stems are brown and dead...


You can cut out all the dead stems now but unless you want to lose the flowers, you will need to wait until the autumn before giving it a good prune.

Hiya Boristhebold, 

I,would do it now, forgo any flowers for this year and prune as hard as you need to.  Prepare for great flowering next year and an attractive bushy plant for few weeks time

Thank you

Yes, I'd rather tidy it up.  It does have flowers on it but is looking very straggly and messy.

I'm quite nervous about pruning.  What's the best approach for a novice?!


Dove, that is exactly what I was after, thank you.  Will have a look at his other videos.  Far easier that trying to make sense of a book!

This isn't the first time you have come to my rescue! 


Brilliant video - so helpful.


Paul Zimmerman has a whole series of videos on pruning various types of roses - they're all absolutely excellent 

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