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I have a garden full of newly planted shrubs and perennials, and along comes an extended heatwave    Both of my water butts are almost empty, so I need to invest in a garden hose, pronto.  I want something reasonably light to handle and easy to use, that will do the job it's meant for and not cause me grief.  Are you in love with your garden hose?  Or do you hate the one you have?  Any tips on which models to go for and which to avoid would be very useful.  Thanks!


All I'd say is don't buy a really cheap one as they split too easily, and make sure it's long enough!! I think the fittings and  attachments are the key things and anything that makes it easy to roll up  is definitely good. We used to have one of those fittings that goes on the wall so that if you need to take it round the corner it doesn't catch. Like a plastic runner type thing that attaches to the corner of the wall. Works on a fence also.  Sorry that's not a very good description! 

Agree ...don't buy a cheap one.  

Dont like those lightweight flat hoses.  As with Fairygirl, I had one with a garden reel.  If you can fit one to a wall it and there aren't too many corners, etc to get to your plants this is a good method.

Dont like those stretch hoses either....gimmicky I think.

Measure the distance you need for the hose to reach all parts of your garden.  Best not to get a hose that's too lomg either....weight and awkwardness.  

A good hose with good guarantee......some have 5 or 10 year warranty........and the right length.   And,  get well know brand and the best version it has.

You will want a hose with enough squirt power to "accidentally" spray visitors or neighbours.  ( gotta be fun too)






Get a reinforced one that won't kink and it's worth spending a bit more on brass fittings. The plastic ones crack and break after a while due to UV-light and changes from hot to cold weather.

Great start with some good basic advice - thank you!  Now i need to know if you could recommend a particular hose on a reel, and what sort of tap connectors i might need.  I tend to be very nervous of anything that isn't as simple as ABC, so explanations in words of one syllable will be welcome and not considered at all patronising!    



Mine is a Hoselock on a reel, doesnt kink winds up easy and neat on the wall, i got it from Amazon. Love it.



Lyn wrote (see)

Mine is a Hoselock on a reel, doesnt kink winds up easy and neat on the wall, i got it from Amazon. Love it.

Sounds great Lyn.  Can you give me a model name/code number?  Also, do you have to put it on a wall, or can it sit on the ground next to the water tap?

Lyn your picture has just appeared - thank you!

Can leave it on the ground or put it on a wall. ,or a pole in the ground with reel resting over it.  Hoselock is best known.  Amazon is cheapest but a visit to b&q or similar and you can see and ask when you're there.


I got a good hozelock from tesco direct with clubcard double up.


All the fittings nowadays are pretty simple- they click in together. I had some Hoselock spray fittings which were broken by builders etc using them and the replacements didn't last well either as they were getting dropped by others using them to wash cars so I bought a metal set from Asda to try - dead cheap and they were brilliant!


You do have to put it on the wall next to your tap as the hose pulls out from the bottom.i dont know the model number, i got it from Amazon. I couldnt imagine how you could pull it out or wind it back in if it wasnt wall mounted. on a wall

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