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Old Rectory

Ignorant newbie question alert!

Gardening experts sometimes write that if one doesn't have a greenhouse, a windowsill is a suitable substitute for starting e.g. cut and come again salad leaves etc.

Well, I don't have a greenhouse - not yet, anyway - but I do have quite a few windowsills. I'd love some advice on which aspect is best (is south-facing too hot? is north-facing too dark?) and also any insights on how to make this work.


Cut & come again salad leaves can be sewn in planters outside and will germinate now. My 2nd lot are well on their way.

Old Rectory

Thanks for the helpful reply, KEF.

My first lot this spring were eaten by rabbits. My second lot, in a raised container outside, were eaten by ... something, possibly deer.

Hence - in part - my interest in windowsills. It is also a more general question, about what I should have done earlier this spring - I started some trays of seed in a south-facing window but am pretty sure it was too hot.


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