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Have anyone used xHose with success? I've read so many good and bad reviews online and cannot make up my mind if I should fork out £60 to get one?

We are soon to buy rather expensive turf, which needs watering a lot , so this hose will be used most days for at least a month or so!

Just thought I would ask you guys!







flowering rose

too be honest  my husband joined two hose pipes he found in  a skip together and they work fine for the 100ft plus ,nothing special but it works.

I would just go for a normal hose on a reel. That is what we have.


Is xhose that strange wrinkly kind of hose? If so, a friend has one and he likes it I think because it doesn't kink.

Personally, I have a hoselock one on a reel to which I have added some ordinary hose to increase the length. This does kink sometimes, but it is about 13 years old.

thanks very one...think best is to stick to the traditional way of things...


thanks again!


I have an x hose. I wouldn't be without it. It fits into a v small bucket and is very easy to store. As I struggle for space sometimes it's perfect and it never kinks.

Thanks Dave ~ good to hear.


I've fancied getting one of those.  Let me know what you reckon if you do get one....


l love mine.Got it last's so easy to's really light,no dragging heavy hoses about or winding up.Mine just sits in a big plant pot under the tap when l'm not using it.A normal spray gun fits on it so you don't have to buy their expensive oneMy only gripe is that they are cheaper this year.ldeal world have got them reduced at the moment l think.


Thanks for the heads up Pinky  Have been debating getting one for some time and the ideal world bargain sounded too good to pass up . . . so I haven't 


Well done panda.You won't regret it..l, too have been having a rotten time at work but will be back on Hello forkers next week.Hope things get better for you.


Sorry you've been having a sucky time too Pinky  Lots of love and support for you if you need it here 

Jack 3

Bought an unbranded version of one of these today at TKmax for 12.99. It's brilliant, light weight, stretches the whole length of my garden. It has a spray fitting with all different settings on and where as my old hose just seemed to drizzle, somehow this one blasts out the water.


Oooh, a trip to TKMax is in order... Ta for the tip!


Jack 3

You're welcome, I got the smaller one, they had a larger one for 16.99

The main problem I've heard about with them is that they can't be repaired.  I've seen a couple of reports of people cross threading the connector and the hose then being unusable.  With a conventional hose you would just get a new connector.

Jack 3

The TKMax one just split, well that is going back.

Chris B

I ran an old hose down the garden and attached it at intervals to the fence and then to an external tap at the greenhouse. That way I only need  about 30 feet of hose to wind in and out. BUT it is very hard to handle the old fashioned hoses they are so stiff and they do kink. I'm thinking of one of those flat wind out ones. I've got a spiral one but it constantly gets wound round itself.So I'm interested in this discussion.

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