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I brought 3 lovely black zinc rectangular planters last year which are on my deck with bamboo in them - I was really pleased with them to start with. But this spring I noticed the black 'paint' flaking and peeling off and it's getting worse. They weren't cheap and I'm miffed as to why this has happened. I can't find any answers online and I emailed the company I brought them from but they haven't replied. 

Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me? I'm reluctant to buy any more


Hi Stephanie, it's a bit technical but black zinc coating is not corrosion resistant and needs to be protected with a sealant layer, so your planters should have been first zinc plated then treated with a black passivate, then coated with a protective sealant.  It sounds like the sealant layer either wasn't used or has failed and I think you should pursue the company as either they weren't sealed (so not fit for purpose as unsealed black passivate is only suitable for indoors) or something has gone wrong with the sealant layer.  Read more here:



Keep at them Stephanie. Bob's right. If it's not fit for purpose you're entitled to your money back or replacements, although I'd be worried that another set would have the same issue. 

Thanks both, I will keep on at them although I'm not sure what they will do about it know as it's been more than a year since I brought them. Lesson learnt! 


I would check if they are indoor or outdoor planters. I have some black zinc planters from Next that are for indoor use, so I use them to overwinter plants indoors as the weather will take the black coating off.


Stephanie.....the adage is " fit for purpose".  Zinc planters are meant to last for years and yours therefore are not fit for purpose.  ??ou have a strong case to have money back or replacement.  You need to stand up and argue your case if the suppliers are difficult


@Verdun - not if they are designed for internal use!


Stephanie, can you retrieve the ad or website offering the planters?  Blairs has a good point so you need to find out just how the planters were described.  If they are for outdoor use you have a good case.

Must admit I like the clean look of silver zinc planters or silver galvanised ones.  Perfect for blue grasses or tender pennisetum rubrum. 

Thanks for your reponses....


I brought them in April 2012 and contacted them first about the problem in April 2013 with photos (no reply), so I contacted them again at the weekend (still no reply), although I'm not sure they'll give me the time of day as its getting on for 18 months since I brought them.

I checked the website, although what it said over 12 mths ago, who knows! I'm sure I wouldn't have brought anything that said it was only for indoor use as I spent a lot of time doing my homework before I brought anything. At the moment, the website says 'they will age outdoors over time'.... nothing about the finish flaking off!

Stephanie, if the site says "....age outdoors over time...." then clearly they are for outdoor use.

Is there a phone number?  Why not name and shame on this site?  Or at least it wIll alert anyone else to possible issues with this company.

Send another email, say you are on this forum and that this issue is now being discussed.  Ask for the matter to be handled af a senior level.Monterey 18 months you may not get money back but still ask for this.  You should receive a replacement or choose something else instead.


Stephanie- if you bear in mind the length of time between buying them and noticing the problem - it means they've only been outside one winter. I know the type of planter you're talking about - in fact , my boss has a group of them (different shape) at the back door of her house and I pass them every day going into work. They've had them several years and there's no paint flaking - they just look slightly bronzy/tarnished if you know what I mean. I don't think they should look the way you describe after being outside for a year.  I'd agree with Verdun. Get on to them again. They shouldn't ignore you - that's appalling service.

We don't complain enough in this country about shoddy goods - we might moan amongst ourselves but we don't complain - and we should. It's the only way standards improve. Get stuck in! 

I spoke to the company this morning who said they are for external use but couldn't explain why the black finish is flaking off and said they hadn't recieved my emails. He also said that he hasn't had problems with these planters (maybe because he doesn't read peoples emails), otherwise he wouldn't sell them and that he sells lots of them each year. I've sent him the photos again, so lets see what he comes back with. 


Well done Stephanie. I don't think many companies read people's emails - judging by some of the replies I've had to issues. I think they just fob you off and hope you go away. They forget that people are parting with their hard earned cash.

Did you buy them direct or from an outlet - GC DIY store? If it was from an outlet, perhaps you should try them as well.

Keep at him. If they're not fit for purpose...

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