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21/07/2013 at 10:45

I need some conifers that will only grow 5-8 feet tall.

Any suggestions? 



11/08/2014 at 08:56

Why conifers?

If it's for a fencing idea whe not think of "PHOTINIA RED ROBIN"

These grow slowly and if your willing to give them a trim once a year they'll stay at the hieght your  after,

they have a lovely red leaf colour all summer and a greener colour the rest of the year, they dont drop many leaves at all and the roots dont go down or out as much as the conifers,

They're not fussy ref soil but do start any such plants off with a good manured base as they have a long life to live and need a good breakfast.

Plus some councils are now banning certain Lleyandi due to both how high they can grow and the damage roots can cause to nieghbouring property,

One other point to think about, if your thinking of staying in your home for many years, how will you feel about dealing with keeping such a hedge in good trim?

You only need to miss one or two trimmings and you've got problems,

so age and health for the future are well worth thinking about,

And a final nail in the coffin ref such as Lieyandi have a look at your house insurance,

some insurance companies state they dont cover such trees due to the root systems length of growth, ie the height of the tree is the same as the length of the roots under ground, how far is your nearest nieghbour and think about your own dranage pipes.

Ive a hedge of one phontinia tree and then one Laurel tree and so on,

the hedge looks really nice and what i call calm, and the bonus is the birds love it,

I must have provided 100's of homes for the birds in the past nine years,

I provide the home they pay back by providing the dawn chorus "perfect just perfect"

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2 messages