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Looks very attractive but Possum walked by while the picture was on screen and threw a wobbly.   Strange offspring.


They are beautiful things aren't they.


Wish we had them here.


Just slipped in before BREXIT - snakes have more sense than politicians I suspect Lovely creatures.

It is not a new snake for the UK.  It has been here all along and has been upped from sub species status to full species status.  In other words, previously thought to be a sub species of Grass Snake it has now been decided that it is a full species. Taxonomy.

Dovefromabove says:

That's what the article says 

See original post

 Re read it.  It clearly states that it was previously a sub species of Grass Snake and they have now decided it is a full species.....happens all the time with different species/sub species across the fauna spectrum.  It's just because there were only 3 snakes in the UK and now with the upping to full species it becomes the 4th, a 25% increase in  snake species in the UK so becomes newsworthy.

"Professor Uwe Fritz said: "We discovered that the barred grass snake, previously considered a subspecies, is in fact a distinct species."   

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Despite it being venomous I do like the calculator snake. Never seen one up North - thankfully. 😺


Yes Redwing ... You misunderstand my post. I was agreeing with you. 

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