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Lavender Lady

I posted earlier, I grow a lot of the closed type roses which I love but I know they are not good for the bees as they are unable to get to the nectar.

My question is that when the petals fall and the rose has finished can the bees then get to the nectar ?  This may be a completely stupid question but I really don't know and if this was the case I then would delay deadheading to give the  bees a chance. 

I must say I do also have a lot of the open roses as well which are always full of bees


I think you would find that by the time the rose flower is ready to drop the petals then any nectaries will have also stopped producing nectar too.

Also it depends on why the flower has a closed centre. Some of them have become double because the sexual parts of the flower have mutated into petals. That type do not produce nectar at all ever.

Please can you tell me what a Tree Bee looks like and what trees do they congregate on



The bumblebee conservation trust has a good website. It appears that the bees in our blue tit nesting boxes are probably tree bumblebees.


Think the ones in our neighbour's roof are the same 

Thank you very much I have learnt a lot about the bees flying  round my tree

Thank you all very much. Dovefromabove, the article you recomended was very interesting. My only question is how long are the bees going to fly around the tree it's over a fortnight now. 

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