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I set aside a small area to grow some white clover for the bee-friendly flowers, and partly for soil improvement. Sown in Spring but didn't actually get many flowers at all just lots of large green leaves.

Should I dig it in yet, and would it be better to try an autumn sowing now ?


if you leave it, trim it low,say 2 inch , it will probably flower next year. my lawn is more white clover than grass. If left it will flower.

Hi Fidgetbones - I grew two lovely clumps of red clover in my wildflower garden.

They flowered a long time and had huge flowers and leaves and were much

taller than the white clover in my lawn.  I tried to gather the seeds, but what

I seem to have looks a bit like stringy tobacco and I haven't any idea whether

there are seeds in there or not.  Have you any idea what the seeds look like?


Hi ffb,the stringy tobacco is dead petals, the seeds are mini beans and rattle when they land in a collecting tub like a margerine pot.

My lawn - a little grass, lots of clover, moss, cat's ear, selfheal and all other weeds does flower. I have be careful when barefoot, bees don't respond well to being trodden on.


You can have the ones in my borders and lawn...


Hi Nutcutlet,

Thanks for telling me that - looking again at my red clover I don't think I have

any mini beans, just dead petals!  Wonder where I went wrong? Maybe  I tried

to harvest it too soon?  I'm going to PM you in a few minutes (hopefully!)


hi ffb, you have and I've answered


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