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I now know Spring is really on the way as I spotted frog spawn in my pond. Once again my clever frogs have laid it on top of the heron net, which is submerged in water so it is safe from my goldfish. I just might separate some of the taddies when they hatch and put them in a separate container to allow them to grow into frogs.


Lovely Daisy.  We've a while yet to wait for it here, but it's always good to see it arrive 

I used to do something similar at my last house as we had some of those r***y Koi which ate everything in sight given half a chance  

It was a big pond, but I built a little breakwater with some large rocks at one end of the beach, and when the frogs had spawn, I guided lots of it in there. The fat fish couldn't get in as it was too shallow, so it gave any little tads and froglets a bit of a chance  


I'm so jealous.  We usually have frogs but no spawn ever (and no fish).  I was considering playing Barry White through a speaker into the garden.


We've been early this year in North Wales. I found my first clump the morning after storm Doris. A rough night for some 😉

We have loads in the corner of our pond.  I tried to explain what it was to my 3 year old niece - she understood I think: "frogs-born"!  


Missy Krissy

Just spotted some in our pond today too! Whoop, whoop!!!


I've never seen it this early here HH, so not sure which part of Scotland it's in.

I know it's been a quiet winter, but I'm not sure it will make too much of a difference  

The frogs are gathering in our Manchester garden but no frogspawn yet. Usually it's around the first or second week of March so keep popping out everyday to check!

Down here in balmy Cornwall we have had a mild winter so far. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a great deal of tidal wave movement in my pond and yes, frog spawn. Lovely, but every time a cold spell is forecast I worry about it being killed off. This is the third year frogs have spawned in my pond so they have eventually chosen it as a des. res. I also have toads and have seen one adult newt, fingers crossed there are more.


I also have just spotted frogs and frogspawn in my pond. this year I am going to give my frogs a chance as for the last few years the frogspawn has disappeared due to the newts in my pond ! I have a large container with pond water and weed next to my pond which I am going to put the frogspawn in and cover with chicken wire to stop the large birds eating it !!!


Some frog spawn here in the north west, last year the pond had some on the 27th March, this year today (10th), so a bit ahead of last year, don't know whether thats because of the weather or the pond being a year older but I'm hoping more will turn up this time. I still haven't seen any frogs only heard them and obviously now there is spawn.

Missy Krissy

We've done exactly the same Rumlady, last year our fish nabbed all the frog spwan, so this year we have taken extra measures especially as with most of our wildlife its seems these days, frogs and toads are in decline 😔.

my daughter and I have been keeping an eye on the frog spawn we have and are submitng our findings to the Fresh Wafter Habitat people so they can track what's going on in our ponds - here's a link if anyone feels inclined to do the same -



Is that an American site, I couldn't put the date in, back to front like in US, so 3.9.2017 instead of 9.3.2017 ! 


More frog spawn yesterday and they're still in there, I've now seen the frogs now all six of them, been a bit of a pain in that I can't really do any work in the back garden without distrurbing them, although it means I got to weed the front and plant some more seeds in doors instead. I've filled in the survey I did last year too but thanks for the reminder, hopefully frogs have a good year this year.



I'm new to the group and so glad there are more breeding frogs than I thought.

I've also spotted spawn in my london garden pond already and want to do everything to help it hop to a good start.

I have 2x 15cm gold fishes in a medium size pond, will they eat the spawn? How can I separate them? Relocate the spawn or fish (though the fish are hard to catch because they lie low in the dark waters.

Many thanks 


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