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the hummingbird hawkmoth has visited, I'd nearly given up hope


Went to a farmhouse restaurant up in the Jura mountains this evening and there was a purple buddleia full of them. Will post a picture tomorrow.


Just googled the moth and it looks amazing! Lucky both of you 


it is amazing 4th Panda, it likes ceratostigma which is outside the french doors and gets sun at dinner time so we can sit and watch the visitors



Last week there were a lot of moths on the buddleja at dusk. (no idea what sort). tonight, warmer weather, not one.


We've got a lot of Silver Y's, 24 hours a day. they flutter around buddleia and all their other favourites


At work my eyes have been glued to the buddliea watching out for the Hummingbird Hawk Moths, but no luck, and the buddliea is nearly over now 


they do like other plants though Dove


Here one of the hummingbird moths we saw this evening





Ditto Nut. The moth and the photos are amazing or as we 27 year olds say. . . They is totes Amazeballs!!

David Matthews2

Congratulations on those gorgeous shots, Swiss Sue.

I holiday in Fuschl am See, Salzkammergut, Austria each (late) summer and generaly have hummingbird hawkmoths visit the hotel balcony flower troughs. We were there even later than usual this mid-September and although the moth made visits they were always so fleeting that even with 'camera at the ready' preparation I failed to get anything half as good as your shots! Better luck next year/time, eh???

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