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Lovely Lyn! I had a visit (on my daughter's birthday in July) from one, and haven't seen him/her since. I'm hoping that in time I'll get him/her back as I'm creating a wild corner behind the shed. The only problem is that it must have to cross a road to get in here...

The GC stocks the specialist hedgehog food that Dove has mentioned. Tempted to get some.

Hi Dove - many thanks for your great tips on hedgehog food.  Think I'll put mine

on your recipe for a bit - he's so fat he can barely waddle on the dog food!

Hi Nutcutlet - I've just PMd you.  Don't give up yet on finding a hedgehog -

we didn't see one for about eight years and then two showed up.  They love

pampas grass to hibernate under and we didn't realise that until my OH

decided it was getting too big one day and started to chop it back.  He

had to stop as he found the two hedgehogs deep in hibernation in the roots at

the back of it.  We had absolutely no idea at the time that we had hedgehogs 

in our garden, so maybe you have some you don't know about too!

Hi Lyn,

How did you get that lovely photo?  My hedgehog tends to shuffle off if I

shine a light on him - he doesn't even bother to roll up into a ball.  Think I

need some tips on wildlife photograohy too!


I'd like to get a hedgehog from a wildlife rescue place but my garden 36ftx34ft has solid fences around it so the hedgehog would have to stay in my garden and not wander (unless they dig under the fence), does anyone know enough to know if this would be ok or should I not get one?



That  might be suitable for a hedgehog that has been disabled in some way and that would be totally dependant on you for it's care - the Hedgehog Rescue people will let you now if your garden is suitable - they'll check you and the garden out first.  

Or you and your neighbours could link your gardens as we have done - more info here


In between the showers today I'm going to put fresh hay into the hedghog boxes.

The hedgehogs will collect dry leaves, but some hay in there already is a good start for them.

Then when I've cut the runner bean haulms down I'lI heap them over the boxes to provide extra insulation during the winter.  

When the hedgehogs have woken up in the spring, then I'll remove the haulms which will go to form the bottom layer of a new compost heap.


I'm shamelessly bumping this one up just as a timely reminder 


Sadly my immediate neighbours are far too tidy and their gardens are spotless.  I have rotting branches on the ground and rake the leaves onto the flower borders which not only protects the plants but by spring time have vanished underground.  No sign of my hedgehog yet - he (or his offspring} has been with me for about ten years but it is still relatively mild.  He drags leaves, twigs and ferns into an old broken upturned terracotta flowerpot.

Yon can buy special Hedgehog shelters which look good and are probably very effective to help the hedgehogs through the winter.

I always try to collect some broken branch wood from a local park.

i then tie them together to create a pitched roof approx 8in high and 12 in wide. I do this most years and have had a collection of hedgehog visit for the autumn/winter period. Good suggestion to leave fallen leaves as the hogs love them for bedding.Also  don't leave the .leaves on your lawn ,but sweep them on to your boarders then wet them and leave wells for the soil worms



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