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Peat B

Pessimist are never disappointed. A pessimist is a well informed optimist.

AND it  is raining !


Sometimes pessimists are disappointed when the roof doesn't fall in.

Smile, it may never happen!

Peat B

Depends on the roofer !   and whether one uses Welsh Slate or not ! 

hollie hock
Lyn wrote (see)

I dont suppose we will see so many when the big cull starts.

Sadly Lyn..........your right and the mass kill has started

Peat B

I used to be called 'Badger Ballan', when I was befriended by this wee 5 week old cub, when it's mother was killed in a snare. I am blessed and grateful for being groomed and treated as a 'friend', by a badger. One cannot know how this feels unless one has had this or been played with by a mountain Gorilla ! As there is a definite shortage of gorillas in Devon, badgers will have to suffice.

I love badgers. There are too many people. People have the guns. What do badgers have ? People get Tubercolosis. Why not cull a few people ? 


Unfortunately, Peat, too few people come into contact with any sort of non-domestic animal at an early age and therefore regard anything wild as inherently dangerous or dirty. 

I grew up surrounded by all kinds of insects and spiders in the house, because my dad was interested in them, and all kinds of reptiles because my brother was interested in them. As a result, I never learned to feel fear for anything like that. My friends at primary school were all horrified by the things they saw wandering around in our house and I could never understand their horror. To me they were all beautiful, if sometimes a little weird.

Until very young children are able to meet wild things in an unthreatening educational setting, people will continue to develop into adults that can't see animals as anything other than "other".

Rant over.


i have a badger set at the back of me and i used to feed them peanuts and they would come to within the metre away from me to feed,what a fantastic feeling that was until the wife made me fill up the hloes in the fence to keep them out because she thought she would get TB.


Just be thankful you are not a hedgehog, other small mammal or ground nesting bird, they eat anything that moves or doesn't.

Do not know what is more destructive in an allotment, deer or badgers, we have had both on ours!

Stacey Docherty

Jimmy I have regular badger visits ( admittedly one only has 3 legs!) and I have 4 chickens I the back garden...... They have never ever ever touched them or showed any interest in them.... Unlike my front lawn! grass grows back they are a blessing


Jimmy, I'm sorry but most people don't see the connection between the proliferation of badgers and the demise of hedgehogs, ground-nesting birds, bees and anything else Mr Brock can get his teeth into.

Diddydoit, you can rest assured you won't get TB unless the badgers pee on your produce and you then eat it raw.

Peat B

I have NEVER eaten a raw badger. Wossit taste like ?

Peat B

Now, THAT old golde moldy  cracked me up. Thanks W/O !  I'm still in favour of arming badgers, just to even things up.

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