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Managed to catch the juvenile magpies (from the kitchen window) having their daily dip


lovely, we enjoy watching birds bathing, mainly blackbirds and sparrows.


My "aah" comes out as a "grrr" unfortunately.


I know what you mean pansyface, but those two juveniles have been great fun to watch this year. 

The pond's so tiny, it's more like a plunge pool for them 

watching birds especially fledglings are a joy anytime, water makes it more so.


Steve 309

...except that these little b*ggers will grow up to be noisy, messy songbird predators.  I'm quite happy - indeed thrilled - to see a sparrowhawk/kestrel/harrier taking an adult bird but I do draw the line at magpies ransacking a nest.

(I'd now duck to avoid the epected flack but I'm off to do some cooking...)


I'm with you Steve 309


Me too Steve, I can't bear to see them fighting over baby birds and ripping them in half. I have to chase them away here.


Got any pics of baby robins Fairy?


Yup - here's Dennis from last year - before the pond was made

I don't care for magpies normally but those two have made me laugh this year. Especially when one slid down the neighbour's garage roof ....  


Of course - that might be 'not Dennis' as it could be his missus 

He was in looking for some grub the other day so I've filled the feeders. Think the ruddy starlings might be scoffing most of it though, so I'll need to rig up the little hanging feeder for Dennis and his small pals 

Hazel --

Fairygirl- what is your little "pond" made out of please? We have had ponds for years, but took it out about 2-3 years ago now, as my poor back wasn't up to many hours spent bent over it at cleaning time lol! I have been trying to persuade my Oh to have some sort of water feature in the garden cos I like the sound of water, but he is not very thrilled at the idea But your little pond looks ideal for my needs and I might just be able to persuade him to indulge...... Thanks!


It's a double layer of heavy duty black polythene Gertie - which I already had. I used some plastic coated bubble wrap, that a settee came wrapped in, for the lining along with some sand. Hole was dug out to about 18"/24" at the deepest and sloped up to the right hand side with a little beach. There was a dead tree which I'd previously  removed, but we couldn't get the roots out, so I just incorporated it into the planting area on the right. Oxygenators and plants were put in last autumn with some watercress in spring.

Dug out last summer and rocks etc put in place:

Filled and some planting put in :

Most recent pic this summer:

Hope that's of some use  

Hazel --

FG, what a good idea, it certainly does look the part- would never have thought to use those materials! Hmmmm, giving me some nice ideas now- watch out OH! Imsuppose any area in the garden would suffice whether it's sunny or shady, would it? Because I have the perfect spot in mind lol Thaks a lot!



Mine gets sun all morning. I ideally a nice open sunny spot is best for a pond 

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