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British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Please do get involved with our public participation project called Hedgehog Street (in partnership with People's Trust for Endangered Species).  See for how you can help by making only very small changes to the way you manage your garden.  Thank you.


I signed up with hedgehogstreet in late autumn when we spotted a hedgehog in the garden during the day and realising that this might not be right for him, I searched online for info and clicked on hedgehogstreet site.  The pack I received was very useful and the information on the site helpful - so much so that I got into the garden and made sure there were passage ways to neighbours gardens-by making holes in the fencing.  I also made a shelter for food (I use dried cat food) and there are now a couple of areas where they can make home.  My grandchildren have enjoyed getting involed.



Very excited as I'm about to rehome four rescue hedgehogs who need a secure pesticide free garden to live out their lives. Just waiting for the lady to arrive with them :- )



They're here! Here's a piccie of the first one out of the box.



What a lovely thing to do FloBear - hope they're settling in nicely



Thank you. In fact only three were available on the day. They've taken up residence under the shed, despite a lovely cosy straw-filled box that I made especially for them! Blue Boy, the boldest, nips out as soon as it starts to get dark. Last night he made a beeline for the food bowl as soon as I walked away from it.  About 10 mins until bowl time - I hope I see all of them tonight. 

hollie hock

Hi FloBear, what a fantastic thing to do. Wish them & you every success

Thanks to Judith2. Really good link, will have to go out  tomorrow to make sure that the hole that I has been made in the fence is 15 cm in diameter


Thanks Hollie-Hock. I'm worrying because I only saw one last night. I may have to stay out longer to see the shy boys appear ! I have the opposite problem to you. Have to block up any hole 2" or above to stop the boys wandering to gardens where poisons may lurk.


My garden is walled all around and hubby has banned me from banging holes in the walls. I think I'll have to wait until he has a weekend away and go to it with a hammer and chisel!


Or see if you can adopt rescues as they'll be safe within your walls!


Ooh, now that's an idea.  I have a loony cat though...


Hedgehogs have a great defence mechanism ;- )


This is true

I was bought a Hedgehog House as a present for Christmas - I place the hogs food (mealworms, crushed peanuts and chicken kibble) on a plate under it every night. By morning, all the foods gone, and the Hogs leave me several little presents on my patio and in the Hog House. It is starting to get quite messy, especially with all the rain. If its dry, the mess is very easy to brush into borders, so I don't mind so much. Does anybody know how often they poop. I thought I only had two, maybe three hogs visiting on a nightly basis, but with all the poop, I am wondering if there are more. No doubt the regularity of the food will add to the volume.

And whilst I am here.....

I was watching a pair of hogs on my patio last night. One of them was sitting very still and was doing a lot of snuffling. The other one kept on trying to walk around the back of the one sitting still, but as soon as it did that, the snuffling increased to the point it seemed quite upset and then it turned to move its hind quarter away. Was I watching some kind of Hog courtship going on?

We have had hedgehogs visiting our garden for a couple of years now and have put dried hedgehog food on a saucer, only a couple of feet away from our conservatory door.  We get a brilliant view of them when they arrive at dusk as, with their poor eyesight they cant see us, and we have seen some strange antics like you mention Tim.  Certainly a lot of snuffling when there are 2 of them in the same area, a bit of a stand-off maybe, but it could be a courtship ritual.  Once when 2 arrived at the saucer at the same time, the saucer (on gravel) was, believe it or not, up on end with a hedegehog on either side, snuffling! 



I saw our resident/visiting hog early yesterday morning! My shriek of excitement meant it scuttled off rather quickly!

We've no holes at the bottom of our fences, but have an alleyway next to us, which is totally unkempt, that leads to open scrub/woodland behind us. I regularly find 'poo' along the route it must take- just about next to where I get out of my car after reversing it out of the garage!

Am hoping that the slug population will soon subside a bit....... J.


Great site on hedgehogs !


I'm going to make a hedgehog house and holes in my fence !!!    woo hoo !

FloBear, are the rescue hogs you released into the secured garden unable to survive in the wild? I help at a hedgehog rescue and where possible all rescued hogs get released back into the wild by means of volunteer gardens. They are free to come and go as they like.

Obviously there are some hogs who due to health issues (amputated legs, blind etc) need to be released into an enclosed garden where they are provided with ample food and water and housing.  

Peat B

Hedgehogs ? I LOVE 'em ! but every year, I find one young hog in the middle of our patch of green oop t'lotty, looking lost and cold, during the day. My wife and I quickly take the hog off to our local resue centre, and hope for the best. They are usually with an intestinal worm infestation or hypothermia, being too vulnerable to daytime temperatures. 50% success rate so far, but unfortunately, they seem to give up  very quickly.   Regarding hedgehog 'homes' in the garden, all these store bought contraptions are quite emotional, and a money making industry, capitalizing on well meaning wildlife lovers. The simple solution is to make a rustic lean to covered with leaves, old cuttings and in a quiet spot, Old bramble canes with plenty of thorns will keep the worst of predators out, Keep it simple, and let common sense prevail. One does NOT have to spend £'s and £'s to protect or provide for wildlife ! Nature has been doing it for millions of years, until we came and buggered it all up !


The best thing every gardener can do is stop killing slugs and snails so the poor hedgehogs have something to eat.