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Our garden bee hotel was a hive of activity a few weeks ago with bees collecting dirt and filling up the garden canes?  all canes are stuffed with dirt - what happens now?


there should be an egg in there with a supply of pollen for food. they will hatch next year

Great thanks!! do all bees do this? are they regular bumbles?


solitary bees do this. Bumble bees tend to have communal  nests in the ground. Tree bumbles have communal  nests in trees or bird boxes. They are all good pollinators.

Fabulous thats great to know - thank you.  The bee hotel has me really interested in the bees this year.


Rasp you perhaps need to get an annex next year and charge a bit more for the holiday season

I attached a bee/insect house to the house wall in March this year. Its about 6 feet up on a south facing wall. There's no activity apart from some curious spiders - will it be awhile till bees take residence?


A south facing wall might be too hot.

My hotel faces south but tilts slightly downwards to stop rain flooding- anything above 3ft should work!!  Maybe pop a planter underneath full of pollen producing plants to encourage!! 

Alan - you could bee on to something there!!!! Ha 

E- to SE-facing on my fence, over flowers, 5 foot high, works for me.. Could be lower too.  Canes 4"-6" long.  Most popular internal diameter has been from 8 to 9.5 mm.

But cane "houses" don't seem to be necessary (though they are fun) -  see these 2 current threads:

Good luck,


Very interesting Mike,  thanks 

gail collins

the Masonry bees have for years used holes in the wall off the house so we have never filled them ,we now habe a bug house with a bee house of canes on it i have notice that 2 or 3 ends are filled in but to be honest i never looked befor putting it out so i dont know if they were already blocked xx


I was painting my house recntly and came across a hole in the wall where insulation had been squirted in.  The bees were buzzing in and out. I wasn't sure I wanted them in the walls and blocked it up. After 1/2 an hour of distressed bees searching for thei hole I gave in and unblocked it. I guess they'll do no harm.

Oooh excitement today.....noticed yellow pollen spilling from the canes and watched as a mini-mini-extra teeny-weeny bee appeared from a cane!! The smallest bee you ever did see, brilliant 

Must have "bee"n one of last years!! 

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