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Ado Annie

Bee witched I also cater for other types of bee (as well as hoverflies and butterflies) with plants like dianthus rainbow loveliness, harebells, musk mallow and a blue one who's name escapes me at this ungodly hour but is an absolute magnet for them so my garden is filled with sound all summer long. 

1064  But I don't know the names of most of the plants in my garden. The bumblebees definitely love it though - we had >10 bumblebees in the garden at the same time last year. Sadly though we don't see many honeybees 

I took this pic on a particularly busy day for the bumblebees, so I have some proof 

Ado Annie

Fabulous picture Garden Noob 


What a snapshot, which variety of Campanula is that? 

Fantastic picture garden noob


Thanks, I'm pleased with that shot, especially because it was taken on my cheapie £130 mobile phone. It looks like a swanky SLR camera shot to me! They weren't all that good, mind. We had lots of bumblebees in the garden and I spent about half an hour taking pictures. That was my favourite.

Mark - I'm afraid I couldn't tell you what type of Campanula it was. It was donated by my mother-in-law. A quick Google didn't show up anything similar though. It was tall, almost like a fox glove. The picture was taken at the end of July when the flowers were going over. Here are a couple more shots in case this helps.

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