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For anyone who might be interested there's a programme on tonight after G'sWorld discussing the problems with bees. Since the forum doesn't seem to be working very well just now I though I'd try doing this new thread in case it worked! 

Thanks Fairygirl i hadn't noticed it was on.


Just watched - really interesting.  Thanks for flagging it as I would have missed it otherwise.


Very good.  The conclusion seemed to be that several factors are involved but the main problem is the destruction of diversity in habitat caused mainly by our agricultural methods.  A simple answer may be to have wider margins of wild flowers around fields and sowing strips of bee friendy flowers within existing fields.  Bees in cities seem to being doing well, almost certainly thanks to the diversity of plants we gardeners grow! 


Just watching GW,  I've got it on the box for after. I noticed an add last week about it being made by the people who did the cat one. I hope it's a good as that. That was intresting.



How stupid am I? Having informed everyone that it was on... I forgot to record it - d'oh!  

Mistress Thicky will watch it on iPlayer... 


Its great FG - watch out for the waggle dance !

The biggest threat to any bee is the two legged one... whether it is spraying pesticide, creating green deserts or interfering with natural bee behaviour.

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