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Saw 2 bees yesterday, lovely day in the garden, no nasty icy wind! Today the wind is back and there are no bees around!

The wind has eased here and I've seen one tortoiseshell butterfly and been buzzed by on ebee that I didn't see.    Lots of snowdrops and hellebores still out here plus crocuses and dwarf daffs so plenty of nectar for them.  The other usual suspects for April are keeing their heads well down so their flowers will be late.

We've had quite a few bees lately.
Nice comprehensive info Bob

Hi everyone.

I've just come in from gardening and have seen quite a few bees today on the hellebores, and one that had ventured into the greenhouse. Last Thursday I saw a bumble bee on the garage door, must have been attracted by the warmth from it.

It's lovely to hear them buzzing about, lets hope we get some more flowers out soon for them to forage on. They need all the help they can get.


Spotted honey bee and bumble today, whilst chopping back my Epimedium, near to Pulmonaria.



Inspired by all this talk of bees and bee nests I set to yesterday and made a bumblebee B&B. I used a pot that has had a huge chunk bitten out by the frost..dug a big hole...pushed the pot in and buried the back...put the broken off lip over as a shelter and another piece of broken pot as a's in a spot where buff-tails have nested before (there was an old compost bin there...since moved)

I now read that bumble bee nests are rarely occupied (less than 3% according to a survey done by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust).


Had fun making it tho


The area is surrounded by ferns, astrantias, epimediums etc so it's a bit bare will look better when the plants come into growth. Maybe fairies will move in...more likely to be ants...






I should add that obviously I mean 'home made/bought bumble bee nests are rarely occupied'

I've put some shredded paper inside and thatch from my stipa opposed to straw as I read that bumble bees dislike straw.


Think I'll give this a try Cheery, even if only 3% chance of occupation - better than no chance!  Last autumn I came across a bumble bee that has buried its in one of my small cutting pots.  I quickly tucked him/her back in, so could still be there.  I have on a few occasions at this time of year unearthed the odd one when turning the soil for the first time.  My first sighting of a bee this year was today on a sports field near my house, although I did wonder if it was warm enough for it - that cold wind was back today.


Despite the cold East wind today, I saw my first red tailed bumble bee of this yr today.

I've got Hellebores, crocus, chaenomeles, some narcissus all in flower, so not too bad. J.

joyce mannell


I have just seen your reply on bees thank you for all the phone numbers for people who collect the bees  who live locally I will phone them when I see the bees  about  someone said they are not honey bees so im unsure what they are 


At north cornwall on sunday 7th it was warm and sunny.

One bee came into my greenhouse .I didnt see any others.


Although it is cold here it is bright with sunshine. In the garden i have hellebores,crocus,tulips ,narcissus , camellias  primulas and pansies


In my veg patch i have plenty of purple sprouting but just one cabbage.


Today the bees and the butterflies came to join me. It's spring 

I haven't noticed any Bees in the garden, yet. Mind you the whole garden is still quite immature and, excepting some crocuses and snowdrops, there is nothing else at present for them to take an interest in. Need to add some Hellebores to extend their season of interest methinks..... all the Hellebore threads and pics have whetted my appetite!

Hopefully when the warm weather kicks in there will be plenty of Spring and Summer interest to encourage bees and butterfies as I've planted a fruiting and a flowering cherry, two pear trees and two apple trees plus lots of bee friendly plants waiting to be planted out!


first bumble bee and butterfly spotted today that put a smile on my face


Not seen any bees but saw a butterfly a few days ago briefly outside my lounge window. Not much in  my garden at present to attract them but I will rectify that as time goes on. The birds have already found the new cafe a hit!

The bee house is great Cheerypea but is it big enough for me do you think?

Perhaps you'll be in the lucky 3% and you'll get some little bees moving in- maybe a for sale/rent sign outside would help...bzzzz



I've not had any bees either but I have had an 8 spot ladybird,  there's no flowers out yet for the bees,  this time last year the cherry trees near me were full of blossom there were loads of bees,  maybe when the weather gets better over the weekend they might show themselves,  do hope so.


Big fat bumble on daisies in the lawn in the sunshine at lunchtime today 

I saw a ladybird on weekend and some bees when spring was here on saturday

That is some pictures of the bees not sure what ones they are.


Hi Gardengirl, I think the first one might be a carder bee, but there looks to be at least 3 different types in your photos, so very encouraging!