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Yep, that looks pretty much like mine do. 

I know they don't live long, just a matter of weeks. Do you think that they could all have been born during a very productive period for the queen bumblebee (in the recent hot weather) and have all reached the end of their normal lifespan at the same time?


I thinkthat's extremely likely wb. I was watching a vid on youtube last night (stupidly I can't find it again to pass on), a bumble bee study. The bees that go foraging only have a few weeks of life.


I think it's the time of year when the bumble bee colonies are dying and it's only the queen that survives and hibernates over the winter. Once again, I'm not certain but I believe she will already have her eggs ready for laying next year and starting another colony. I don't like to see them dead or dying but at this time of the year there isn't a lot we can do. Earlier on in the year when they got a bit sluggish from cold or rain they appreciated a warm hand and a drink of water sugary  water. I have read not to give them honey as it could possibly spread some diseases from area to area. But sugar does the trick. Will certainly miss watching them in the garden. Roll on spring!

Just noticed a dead bee on my buddlia and another had been on fuchsias now dead.


Gillian53 said:

I have read not to give them honey as it could possibly spread some diseases from area to area. But sugar does the trick.

Thanks for passing that on Gillian, I didn't consider that honey could carry a bee disease - obvious when you think about it. 


i have revived several near to death bees by giving them sugar and water on a teaspoon. In this hot weather the bees are  are lacking water

margot du bois

 So very worrying to find that bumblebees are dying on one of my plants, monarda fireball...  The bees adore it, but it appears that it's killing them..


Is that a new plant to your garden Margot? If you think it may have been treated with nasties you could remove the flowers, the next lot will probably be OK.

But bees have a short life, maybe nothing to do with the plant

margot du bois

Hello nutcutlet, 😊

Thanks for replying.

It is a new plant.

 I just want to let you know that for most of today the whole family have been observing the bees on the plant and what we've discovered is quite amazing...  Although the one on the leaf that I posted the pic of was/is definately dead, the others came around...  What we've seen is that the bees come to the flowers and gorge to the point where they drop off the plant and look dead, then about 20 mins later they come to and do it all over again until they just fly off.  We've never seen this behavior before, the plant is like a drug to them.  I know that monarda is used to treat certain ailments and one woman has said that it makes her very sleepy, even in small doses.. 


Drunk on nectar? I've seen them rolling on their backs in eryngium flowers

margot du bois

I'm just so happy they're not dying, πŸ€— and my eryngiums are just colouring up and we noticed today that the bees are already  on them...How wonderful..πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ€— Good to know that we have "bee bars". 🐝🍾🐝

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