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Secret Squirrel

I came in from the garden last evening and there was a olive green beetle that looked like a knights shield. Not sure if it was friend or foe, gave it the benefit of doubt and put it outside. Looked an interesting fellow, it was properly about 15mm in length might be a tat smaller. 


Yes they are beautiful creatures. I've seen several green ones and a metallic silvery grey too. They don't seem to be afraid of contact With you either. 


They are so lovely aren't they?  We've got some lovely brilliant green ones and some silvery ones too - what wonderful things nature does huh? 

Secret Squirrel

Thanks Dove for that link. I have never seen one before, I will certainly be looking for somemore



 These must be some sort of Shield Bug. The triangles on their backs were really golden which hasn't quite come across on my phone photo. Beautiful couple.

Jim Macd

I think they're Sloe bugs, Dolycoris baccarat, amazing looking creatures. Sorry I hate spell check sometimes, that should be baccarum


They look exotic enough to be baccarat! 

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