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Gary Hobson

I have several pyracanthas in my garden. I took this snap (and posted it on another thread) just a week ago. It has been loaded with berries...

I took this snap yesterday morning. About half the berries have already gone...

 I took this snap yesterday afternoon, and it shows where the berries have been going...

Within a couple more weeks, all of those berries will have gone. The cupboard will be bare before Winter has even begun.


I'm seeing the same sort of thing Gary, it's really concerning, don't you think?

Apart from the fact that when the hard weather comes there'll be nothing for them, they must be really hungry already as they don't usually start on the berries until we've had some hard frosts.  

As the orchards have had so little fruit there will have been fewer windfalls etc for them



This thread made me think of visiting the RSPB website and somehow  I got onto their Christmas Cards section - they've got a really lovely print of a Fieldfare and an apple, so I've ordered some - seemed very appropriate 


Yesterday I saw 2 pigeons having a right old feast on a Pyracantha !

Pam LL x

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