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I use the metal Adventurer 6 port feeders from CJ Wildfoods. Squirrels can't chew through them but they can get to the food though. 


Jess is in the Garden

These all look great.

Finally got my feeder - quite tough, plastic cylinder with feeding platform and filled it with seed mix for my local wild birds...AND SINCE THEN I'VE NOT SEEN A SINGLE BIRD IN MY GARDEN!

What on earth is going on?!


Give it time. They will come. Check the food around the feeding ports after a few days to ensure it hasnt clogged up.

Jess is in the Garden

Just did Lead - all looking good. But 2 wks I and it looks like all the birds that were in my garden a plenty, have flown!

Plenty of bees thogh


They have probably found an abundance of food elswhere, but im sure they will be back, just keep the food available for them. I find sunflower hearts attract the most birds in my garden.


Jess is in the Garden

Thanks Lead - some sunflower hearts in my mix too. Fingers crossed...


They will come Jess.  The first year I put my feeders up, there weren't many takers, mainly the resident sparrows which live in a hawthorne hedge (actually my favourite birds!)  The year after, I got greenfinches too plus a couple of coal tits.  Each year it seems one or two new species.  This year I've seen all of those plus bullfinches, goldfinches (stunning - I'd never seen one up close before), great tits and blue tits.  I've 3 feeders - one with mixed seed, one with a black sunflower/niger seed mix and the third with sunflower hearts.  The latter gets emptied at least twice as fast as the others!  I also have a bird table which gets a general mix plus fruit for the blackbirds and mealworm for the robins.  There's the cut-off bottom of an old copper hot water cylinder nearby which I keep full of fresh water - I'm sure that helps too.

Oh, I forgot, pigeons hoovering up beneath of course!

Jess is in the Garden

Wow Bob - you're far more organised than me then!

Thanks for reassuring me everyone


Hi it may be where you have put the feeder not what's in it try moving it and see what happens, it could be to exposed for them  try it a bit further away from your house if its to near that could put them off at first, once they start to feed you can move it closer.

I use a squirrel proof feeder in my garden, called a Perky Pet Easy Feeder. As I leave a seperate amount of food out for the squirrels, I don't see why they should get to steal from the birds!

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