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Lovely.I only get the goldies on my feeder so envious of the woodpecker and nuthatch!


Awe that's lovely the woodpecker was hungry, you seem to get a veriety of birds there I just get black birds, blue tits and sparrows here 


Can I ask what camera you are using? I'm forever buying the CCTV ones and every time they promise HD quality and every time they are just as poor image quality as the last. The more I looked into it the more I realised they are built down to a price and will never delivery the images I would really like to have.


I'm with you flumpy, I would love to get different birds visiting but only attract the run of the mill.

Much better than watching paint dry.


I used a GoPro for this video. It has a very wide lens so needs to be placed very close to the feeder but the birds don't seem to mind.


That's great steephill


When we lived in the country we used to get a woodpecker, you could call him by tapping on a tree and he used to come looking for another woodpecker . He was only interested in the peanuts. We moved into an urban village in november and there was a bird table. We've put fat balls and seed feeders out, and the birds have only just started coming in. 1 wren and 2 blackbirds so far!


Thanks Steephill, I would have other uses for a GoPro too, so shall save up my pocket money for one. 

New to this site and would like to let you know I'm a bird and garden nutter I have a variety of birds in feeding

What food did you have in the feeder please steephill?

Steephill thanks for sharing the video. He sure was hungry was'nt he. Smashing. Are they Sunflower chips or hearts in the feeder?

I put sunflower hearts into the feeder, any spills rapidly get mopped up by wood pigeons, blackbirds and chaffinches. A couple of weeks ago a pheasant took up residence under the feeder for a few days.

Hi steephill I also fill up feeders with sunflower hearts and get good returns goldies greenfinch blue and great tits had a coal tit visit ,greatspot woodie also this winter had siskin ,redpoll brambling a Jay taking nuts got a robin nesting in one box all good entertainment let's all keep feeding

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