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I'll be moving my feeders closer to the house this weekend where I can enjoy all the activity from indoors now the garden is not so busy and it's not too far to fill the them up again!

Wood pigeons, blackbirds, great tits, blue tits, robins, chaffinches and great spotted woodpecker are my regulars....the grey squirrels try but I have them baffled!

Still feeding my hedgehogs who clear their plate every night.

Hoping to see long tailed tits, dunnocks, coal tits, goldfinches and red polls who all frequented the feeders last winter.


Greater Spotted Woodpeckers have been much more eveident in the last few days,have seen 3 different ones,also yesterday had a Jay and Woodpecker on the feeders at the same time.


The house we've just moved into doesn't have many feathered visitors at the moment. I've only seen a magpie and a few crows. But the garden is bare, totally unloved with no bushes / plants etc for them to feed off. The food I've put out is untouched, the birds watch me putting it out but don't seem to trust me enough to come and eat it. Soon as the spring comes I'll start making it wildlife friendly. My last house ( 2 streets away ) had so many different birds every day, it cost a fortune feeding them ! Maybe I should have left them a map to the new place lol

Perhaps you could visit the old place and invite them Deb.

They do need a place of safety close by when they're feeding so get a few shrubs planted this winter


I've found that birds often need several weeks of having the food available before they notice it/ trust it.





 Young Christmas Island frigate bird. Critically endangered. Only eats fish.  Domestic and feral cats  are being eliminated from the Island, but I cant see many cats tackling this one.

So pleased , spotted a coal tit on one of my bird feeders today. I also had duck in the back garden, didn't know my garden was that wet even the lawn is very puddly!


My local wildlife group have a garden bird survey over the Christmas period and I have managed to record 22 species in the garden with four other 'fly-overs'!

The feeders have been busy all year although not as busy as this time last year.

Best species at the moment are 2x Black Cap, 2x Reed Bunting and 3x Jay, all of these are daily visitors currently.

Sunflower hearts are the most productive feed for me and I get Goldfinches and Greenfinches all year round on them.

Below is a Christmas Day Blackbird..

 And my Reed Bunting pair...

 The other bird that I get plagued with are Collared Doves and they've even worked out how to feed from a seed feeder as you can see below!!...

 So yes still busy here!!



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gardenning granny

Not a lot of bird activity here (Bedfordshire) at the moment - but pleased to see more sparrows than we have in recent years, otherwise blue and great tits, the occasional long tailed one, robins (up to 6 at a time) and the crows that remove large chunks of bread and the pigeons that hoover up at ground level.  We normally have gold finches and redpoll but they don't seem to be in evidence yet - perhaps it needs to get a lot colder?


Our goldfinches are singing as they flitter about in the branches of the big ash trees in the morning, but they're not visiting the feeders very much at the moment - there's plenty of other food out there in the woods, fields and grazing marshes still. 


We lose our goldfinches in the winter, and only see them in summer - not sure why?


Me too Chicky.  I feed all the year round but only have sparrows, a couple of robins and blackbird at the moment (well, magpies, woodpigeons, collared doves and crows but I don't really count those!)



Bob and chicky

All those goldfinches are here. 


Great tit, coal tit, long tail it, bluetit,

Green finch, chaffinch, goldfinch, bullfinch.

Great spotted woodpecker, collared dove, wood pigeon, blackbirds, magpies,dunnocks.

Nuthatch, robin, wren.

Thats what I've seen today, as well as mouse, vole, and grey squirrels.

We had an odd visit from a fieldfare last week when I threw some apples on the lawn.


gardenning granny

wow fidget - you are lucky.  perhaps I should spend more time looking out of the kitchen window, but I still wouldn't get all those.  Do you have lots of trees nearby?



We have a small undisturbed wood and derelict orchard next door on the southern boundary, and two 150 year old oak trees on the northern boundary. We also have a lot of feeders, mainly squirrel proof, including peanut feeders, fat block for the woodpecker(they only like the pink ones), sunflower seed feeder, a small seed mix for the finches, niger seed for the goldfinches, and a muesli type mix for softbill/ground feeders. Sometimes I think these birds are better fed than me.

 We also have had , but rarely, goldcrest, red poll, thrushes,waxwing, jay,  a spring visit from mallards and heron, and of course, with all that lot, we also get visits from an owl and the sparrowhawk.


Nowhere at the moment to hang feeders, so feed from the ground, an old barrel where my wee fountain sits in summer, and my neighour's flat roofed garage. Stale bread out in crumbs (to discourage the crows), and I make fat balls (Trays really, from takeaway foils or similar) mixed with mixed seed. I have sparrows, most tits, a greater spotted woodpecker (I rub the fat mixture onto the telegraph post at my boundary for him) finches (Bull and Gold, I think) and siskins. Our Male Robin follows me around, and I save mealworms for him and his mate. He is waiting at the conservatory door every morning when I go out for my ciggy! He also likes dried shrimp and other water creatures that I feed to my boys' pet rats. She is more shy, and will only feed once I have retreated, but he is nearly tame.  He had a fearsome fight last spring with a newcomer, but I know it's my old friend who won, as he has a small patch of white feathers under one wing, and he knows me and when I will feed him. Hope to get him on my hand this yr. If only I could save him some bacon rind and not eat it myself! How good are the window feeders, does anyone know?


It's that time of year for the RSPB garden bird count; text 'bird' to 70020 and they will tell you all about it. I did it last year, but I think the birds got wind of it and had a day trip to Cambridge: there were virtually none in my garden that day


I think there are always less birds in the garden on the bird count day artjak