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26/01/2014 at 17:30

I'm sure they'll turn up eventually Rose lady,

26/01/2014 at 17:40

Well I can't go wrong with all the fab ideas nutcutlet. heres hoping

10/02/2014 at 12:48
Rose lady wrote (see)

Shy and retiring Doves that is which are lovely but eat allthe feed!!! not to mention the pigeons

The doves eat the pigeons? 

I'd suggest "buggy nibbles" for pretty much everything, peanuts for the great spotted woodpeckers and seed mix for those who munch seeds plus live meal worms in the same place at the same time every day. The birds like to know they can get breakfast or lunch or dinner there, then.

The best way to stop the seed mix rotting in the feeder is to have so many birds it never gets the chance. I have two mesh tubes, and when the small one's empty and the big on'es down to one-third full of peanuts I tip the big one into the small one, fill the bottom of the big one with nibbles, tip the peanuts back on top of them, fill the small one with nibbles and hang them both out again. This way the peanuts aren't sitting at the bottom of the tube and rotting. One or two still get manky but they're better than they were when I just filled it with nuts.

If you get one of the squirrel-blockers to put over your feeder, you can make the bottom of it into a cone or a dish. Choose cone. It'll shed feed crumbs all over the floor, but it's better than having a soggy mass of them in the dish. You also get a lot more height of wire hoop with which to hang it back on the peg if it's a cone.

If you really want a rain-proof seed feeder, screw three coat hooks into the outer part of the bottom of a thick washing-up bowl from underneath and one into the centre of the bottom from on top, use light chain or string to connect the three to the feeder pole or a hook in a tree branch or whatever and then hang the feeder from the one on the inside.

24/02/2014 at 23:08

Instead of cutting the nuts, put them in a strong bag and bash them with the rolling pin. Not too hard though, or you'll get peanut butter!

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61 to 64 of 64 messages