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Hi Folks,  I wonder if anyone could recommend a bird food supplier that offers reasonable quality with good prices.  There seems to be so many on the internet that I would welcome some advice based on personal experience.  I already feed with fat balls and general seed but would like to attract a wider range of birds.


I use Johnson and Jeff 'Superior wild bird food - husk free'.  20-23 quid inc. delivery for 20kg.  It smells lovely too - aniseed in there I think and nothing gets left!


Thanks Bob, Ill take a look

I use have used for some time now. Very good value and overnight delivery. Mostly only buy sunflower seed though. I find wasteage too high on any thing else and I don't get strange things growing from any that is spilled. I have recommended them to friends and had no complaints yet.



I buy the suet blocks from Amazon, 7.99 for 10, post free if you buy 2 boxes.comes in 2 or 3 flavours, birds love them all.

If you buy fat balls, please dont use the net bag, i have had to cut birds free after getting feet and beaks caught in them


I make my own fat balls using the mesh seed feeders.  I completely wrap the feeders in tinfoil and fill with a mix of seed/nuts/raisins etc mixed with melted dripping.  When set just take off the tin foil and you have a fat tube (rather than ball) which lasts the birds so much longer.


Hi Lyn, I use feeders not the mesh bags but it is good to remind people.  Lesley I might try that they do get through the fat balls at a ridiculous rate.

YStevie..........Haiths are a reputable company for bird food.......prompt delivery and all good stuff.  I've been using them on and off for a good many years

Yes, I agree that Haiths are very good, you get free delivery on orders over ??35, it is also very good quality seed. I have recently tried the Bill Oddie bird food recipes ( from Haiths) which seem very good and there is a wide range.
Sorry for the error with the price above, it is meant to say 35 pounds.

I made an error too Wildlife Gardener.

Yvie I meant the feeders with wider metal bars that are used for fat balls - not mesh.

I buy a mix of things from the local pet store, whos owner is quite a keen birder, and some bulk from poundstretcher.
The pet store guy will deliver bulk bags for free, he also sells them to me for almost trade cost, it might be worth asking a local store by you, i think local shops are desperate for the custom.
I think a variety of feeders is as important as the feed.
Dosent seem to matter what i put out the sparrows still prefer the bread from next door! Common as muck!

I'm using 25kg bags from Pets at Home (about one every other week) And by the amount its still going down I can only assume they like it!


Then of course, I have seen squirrels and the ocasional straight tailed variety up on the feeders.


Trillium, I live close to Brinvale farm itself. A lot of the stock they use they grow themselves which is great environmentally as it reduces transport.


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