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This bird of prey was hunting in our garden today, can anyone identify it please?  



Nice pic Mrs G. That's a sparrow hawk

Thanks!  Saw it take down a pigeon a few weeks ago but was too far away to see properly.  Am I right in thinking it's a juvenile?  




not much left of whatever it had for breakfast


We have a mixed hedge at the bottom of our garden that is very busy and full of sparrows and I often see the sparrow hawk swoop down and carry one off.  Sad to see but that is life.

Looked like just feathers to me but it was there for over half an hour feeding.  This was on our privet but we also have a lovely mixed hedge.  The sparrows especially love the hedges and congregate in big groups.  No different from a ladybird eating an aphid or us eating a steak though I guess.


Fantastic photos Mrs G! I think this is a young male Accipiter nisus - I just love the stripey 'trousers' he's sporting!!!

hollie hock

Great pictures Mrs G, they are handsome birds aren't they


cracking photos Mrs G  !


I've got a sparrowhawk which visits my garden, though haven't seen him / her for a while now, though often go home to find 'road kill' in my garden, usually just a pile of feathers  


Lovely bird,but not so good for the other birds visiting your garden,we had one taking a greater spotted woodpecker last yaer.


Too many for me.........

Ha I love his poofy trousers too, looks like a Shakespearian actor!  We were really excited because we've both been on those bird handling days and are always on the look out for birds of prey.  I read somewhere that having an apex predator means you have a really healthy neighbourhood eco system...starts singing The Circle of Life from The Lion King...



What does it mean if you regularly have a pair of red kites circling your garden? I saw one this morning dive bomb into a front garden and then take straight off again in front of my car. Lovely coloured bird.


Think it means you're very lucky indeed Gardenmaiden.    I've only ever seen Red Kites when visiting the Welsh rellies, but I know they're spreading across the country and have been seen in East Anglia so maybe one day ....

We live near oak woodland, and do get the occasional visit to our garden by Sparrowhawks who will sometimes take an unwary blackbird, but more often than not they'll take a collared dove  or a fat woodpigeon - plucking and tucking into them on the lawn.

However, earlier in the year we had several visits from a pair of Peregrines who were nesting and rearing a brood of 4 chicks on the nearby cathedral spire  We no longer have a row of fat woodpigeons habitually sitting on our roof ridge.




We've had a sparrowhawk a couple of times, and a peregrine chasing a blackbird round the garden, but that was in our first year in our house and we've not seen it since. We have been told that there was a pair in the area.



WE have kites more often now Dove, maybe you'll be lucky when you come here. 

We had a hobby as well, I didn't ID that, never seen one before.


I couldn't believe it this lunchtime Nut, there I was in a colleague's car, travelling across the high flat land near the North Norfolk coast, when there it was, circling, swooping and soaring above a field of rape stubble - a Red Kite 

My first outside of Wales 

What a coincidence, when we were only talking about them yesterday