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Last winter we used hot water to thaw the water in my concrete birdbath. This resulted in the inside breaking up making  it difficult to clean. As there appears to be another bird pox around I wondered if there is something safe to paint the inside with to make it easier to keep hygienic. Any ideas?


Any masonry paint should be fine.  You might be able to get a 'tester pot' with enough to do the job without having to buy a large tin.  The surface must be completely dry though and free from loose particles or fat from birdfood residue so i would suggest giving the suface a good wire brushing before applying the paint.  Best to paint it and allow to dry indoors if you can for obvious reasons.

aquatex paint will do the job

Thanks. I wont be able to move it but will make sure it is not open to rain or wildlife until it dries.

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