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hi im new ive just started to feed the birds in my garden i have starlings, blue tits,sparrows and a pigeon, i do have different feeders but im gettin swamped with starlings now how do i get rid of them? i have been told they will go once their babies have fled the nest is this true


My garden is the same Kathy, it's full of young fledged starlings looking for easy food. I let them get on with it as the adults don't seem to be around all year, they appear in spring and seems once babies have fledged they do disappear.  The young ones hang around for a while and get very quarrelsome!

Thankyou for your advice I will leave them they are young ones and rather noisy and quarrlesome they may disapear


You'll be lucky.  They are opportunists.  If you feed them, they'll stay.

I love my birds - costs me a fortune to support  them.  I do not mind the robins, the crows, jackdaws, magpies, black birds et all - but I dread it when the starlings come round - such messy eaters and such bully boys - an elderly acquaintance used to call them "shovellers" as they seem to shovel as much into their beaks as they can  and even so much that they drop it as they fly away.  They do seem, however, to diminish as the year goes on and just come back at baby feeding time or in a very harsh winter.


well ive had to remove  feeder you can lower it so larger birds cant get to it but the starlings managed to get there heads in and take the meal worms and i had loads im goin to put sunflower seeds in and see if that keeps them away does any one know what starlings wont bother with i do have a wooden nut feeder and there noth bothering with it just the cocunuts and the suet feeder

It seems to me that they eat everything Iput out whether it be left over meat potatoes, pastry, suet pellets, seeds etc


I'm not quite sure if it is acceptable to jump on this thread but here goes...

Today I've been a little under the weather and after the rush of the Christmas and New Year holidays I have taken camp in my bedroom with laptop and camera.  Using the audio facilities and bird descriptions on the RSPB website and zooming in on pictures taken on the camera, I have found that we have the obvious and regular blue tits, great tits, wrens, blackbirds, sparrows, robins, thrush etc but I also have a visiting bullfinch (2nd or 3rd visit to garden in last month or so), chaffinches, goldfinches and I think I've seen a goldcrest.  My partner does not have the same excitement as I do so I thought I would find somewhere online to share my findings instead.  What a delightful day to forget the pains and aches of my throat/head etc.  I have nyger seeds on order which I am definitely going to place somewhere in the garden but am also thinking of getting some other seeds (sunflower hearts or something) to further attract the bullfinch.  

This year I left a lot of the rose hips, seed heads, dead plants in situ after they have passed.  I've also created the odd pile of sticks etc around the back of the garden and I wonder if these have all contributed.  

Now that I've aired my thoughts I'm off the get the lemon and honey

Thanks for reading in advance

Hope you've all had a lovely start to 2015



P.s. I'm super exciting at the bullfinch!!  Yikes!!  



Just realised my starting sentence of second paragraph might have sounded a little inappropriate - so so sorry


Oh no Emma, there is a lot of under the weatherness at the moment.


I haven't seen a bullfinch for quite a few years - I used to see them a lot on the farm and smallholding. 

Hope you're feeling better soon - my brother has flu and he says it's watching the birds that is keeping him sane - I said 'no comment' - after all, I am his big sister

Emma.......lucky you for the Bullfinch...........they seem to be few and far between these days.  My last sighting was a good few years ago.

Hope you feel better soon


I've only seen one in my garden once, though I do get to see a pair of them in Wales where we go on holiday regularly. I would love to have the pair of red kites that fly over our garden to actually land in it, so I can see just how big they are.

Currently enjoying the solitary jay, hoards of blue and great tits and the bully boy robins. A couple of starlings appeared twice and three fat woodpigeons.


I have several Goldfinch which have been coming for years, I attract and keep them by giving them Sunflower hearts instead of seeds. They love them. Also have the usual Blue Tits and Great Tits and Chaffinch and Robin.

At the ground feeders I have a beautiful brown speckled Thrush who comes every winter for the past few year, just on it's own and really is'nt too shy now at all. Also have the Blackbirds, one male and another ?female or a young male. They eat suet pellets which I put out daily as well as mealyworms and eat from a fat block that I replace when I need to.

The bird table has fat balls in the cages and mealyworms daily. The Starlings eat here as well as on the ground or at the hanging fat block feeder.



This is what we've had over the years. We don't get them in the garden together, but the small birds tend to arrive on mass:

Robin, wren, dunnock, chaffinch, greenfinch, goldfinch, bullfinch, blue tit, great tit, coal tit, long tailed tit, blackbird, magpie, crow, jackdaw, jay, nuthatch, green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, lesser spotted woodpecker, woodpigeon, collared dove, feral pigeon, starling, thrush (both kinds), redwing, fieldfare, heron, sparrowhawk, peregrine falcon, blackcap, green parakeets, partridge, ducks.


How far nortjh are the green parakeets now Gardenmaiden? I haven't seen any around Peterborough yet


I'm in Rickmansworth and they have been seen in Hendon but tend to hang around Staines.


Thanks Gm,

I expect they'll find their way north eventually, very pretty but not sure if they'd fit with the decor up here


There was a feature on them on Winterwatch last night - fascinating.  Also an amazing feature on a huge number of pied wagtails living on top of a multi storey car park