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Would love your thoughts and experiences on the bird feeders that can be attached (stuck?) to windows. I would love to try this, but guess the birds may be reluctant to use it. Also in our national daily newspaper it has again been mentioned this week of the disastrous consequences of fat balls in nets. Please everyone take off the green nets, or preferably only buy  from the decent manufacturers who sell fat balls without nets.

Gary Hobson

I have no personal experience of using suction-cup window feeders. Although, using any feeder, it always takes quite along while for birds to discover the feeder.

There are many customer reviews of suction-cup feeders at Amazon. There are many models. The majority of customers seemed to be very pleased with the results. Examples:

Not all birds want to use vertically mounted feeders. Tits and finches of all kinds do, though blackbirds and robins prefer to feed from a flat surface. The Meripac (2nd review above) looks as though ground feeding birds might use it.

There are several other designs on Amazon. You can see them in the 'Customers who viewed this item also viewed' sections on those pages.


I'd love to have one of those, but I think our cats would go completely nuts!

Highland Jeannie

We got one of those a few months ago & stuck it on our sun lounge window. I rarely trust suction cups but good reviews on Lakeland encouraged me to get it.  After a few weeks the first visitor was a female blackbird who kept jumping up & down from the windowsill to peck at the fatballs. She finally realised that if she climbed inside it then she could eat in comfort!  We have had blue & great tits & a robin either feeding from or climbing into it.  

Bought 2 for people as Christmas presents.

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